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Lymphoma cancer treatment and cure is commenced by a series of tests. These medical tests are done to certify presence of tumors in lymphatic nodes. Firstly patients undergo a normal physical test in which health history is checked by doctors. Any record of previous illness is taken in consideration. Blood tests are done for patients to determine blood quality as well as number of RBC, platelet cells and white blood cells. Sedimentation of blood is checked to know the rate at which red blood cells at the bottom of test tube. Finally the procedure of lymph node biopsy is done by oncologists to confirm the presence of cancer tumors in patient's lymphatic system. Biopsy is of four types' excision biopsy, needle biopsy and incision biopsy. All these tests confirm the presence and overspread of lymphatic cancer.

All about Hodgkin lymphoma cancer treatment and cure

  1. Chemotherapy: This lymphoma cancer therapeutics is used to cure Hodgkin lymphoma. Drugs are used in it to destroy harmful lymphoma cell. These medications are given to patients systematically. As a result blood absorbs these curative drugs and makes them to work on cells of lymphatic cancer. Due to biochemical effects of drugs lymphoma tumors are destroyed. Multiple drugs are given to patients during chemotherapy. The entire process takes multiple stages for successful completion. All mediations are anticancer drugs that are created to destroy tumors in human lymphatic system.

  2. Radiation therapy: This procedure is also called radiotherapy. It is primarily used for Hodgkin lymphoma cancer treatment & cure. It involves using high energy radiations to kill lymphatic cancer cells. This compels tumor cells to shrink and reduces pain generated by these cells. A large radiation emitting machine is made to focus rays at the lymph nodes afflicted by lymphatic cancer cells. Most patients going to a cancer treatment center or clinic the need a time of 5 days to some weeks for a successful radiation therapy. After completion of this therapy patients feel temporary fatigue for some days. This can be handled well by taking adequate rest and some prescribed medications.

  3. Stem transplantation therapy: This technology is used for treating Hodgkin lymphoma. If lymphoma caner arises again even after undergoing chemotherapy stem transplantation is used uproot tumors. In this procedure a blood transplant is taken from the patient's body to form stem cells. This process is made to take place by combining radiation therapy and chemotherapy. High frequency radiations produced by the two former techniques frequently destroy Hodgkin lymphoma cancer cells. Stem transplantation is done in the hospital. Before commencement of high dose treatment stem cells are taken from patient's blood and frozen.

All about non Hodgkin lymphatic cancer cure

  1. Non aggressive chemotherapy: Most non Hodgkin cancers are of non aggressive nature, that's why softer chemotherapy is employed. In this procedure drugs are given to the patient in form of oral pills or injections. Single or multiple sessions of medications are provided to patients of non Hodgkin lymphoma. Sessions are also repeated after determining the effect of drugs on lymphatic cancer tumors.

  2. Non aggressive radiation therapy: Optimized power radiations are focused on cancer cells to kill them through a non aggressive radiation therapy. This curative procedure can also be used in combination with other therapies.

  3. Biological medications: These medications improve the ability and strength of immune system to fight lymphatic cancers. Cancer specialists recommend medications containing NHL monoclonal antibodies for lymphoma cancer treatment and cure. These antibodies stimulate immune system of the human body to destroy cancer tumors in human lymphatic system.

  4. Radio immunotherapy medications: These medications are made of monoclonal antibodies for transporting radioactive materials to cancer cells. Radioactive substances bind the cancer cells and start reducing them in size. Zevalin and Bexxar are two such drugs that are recommended by surgeons to cure non Hodgkin lymphoma cancer.

Nutrition to be taken during lymphatic cancer

It is essential for patients to know, about post diet during lymphoma cancer treatment and cure. Good food can make them stay fit after tiresome procedures like radiation therapy and stem transplantation. Doctors recommend maintaining good body weight through optimized calorie foods. Sometimes patients may not feel comfortable while eating after a curative procedure of lymphoma cancer. The taste buds of tongue become inactive during post treatment phase. However normal eating conditions are restored within some days.

Success rates of lymphoma cancer treatment

Medical studies indicate that success rate of treating lymphatic cancers depend on many factors. Gender, age, prognosis reports and stage of cancer tumor determine the success of lymphatic cancer tumor cures. It has been reported that patients between 25-40 age groups have attained success in getting rid of lymphatic tumors. The reason behind this is that detection of lymphomatic cancer at an early life stage helps in choosing a proper treatment. During early life cancer in lymphatic nodes is believed to be in a stage of infancy. Lymphoma cancer treatment & cure becomes easy during its early phases of growth.

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