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Introduction to Lymphoma Cancer

Before commencing a discussion about lymphoma cancer symptoms & early signs, let us take an overview of this disease. This ailment is a cancer found in the lymphatic system of human body. The lymphatic system produces white blood cells that fight against infections and antigens. In this way they keep the human body immune to illness. When there is an abnormal growth of cells in the lymphatic system, a tumor is formed. This tumor blocks lymphatic nodes from filtering viruses and bacteria from lymphatic system. Cancer tumor turns the B and T cells of the lymphatic fluid into malignant cells. This stage is finally termed as Lymphatic Cancer.

Process of cancer multiplication in lymphatic nodes

Cancer cells multiply and enhance their number in lymph nodes of the human body. They assume the form of a tumor which effects normal functioning of the immune system. After disclosure of lymphoma cancer symptoms & early signs it is necessary to treat it. If this cancer is left without a cure, it may result overspread of tumor to other adjacent organs. Cancer occurring in the lymphatic system is of two types. They are Hodgkin lymphoma and non Hodgkin lymphoma. The first one arises due to malignant cells termed as Reed Sternberg. The second kind of lymphatic cancer is caused without any absence of Reed Sternberg. Medical researches show that males generally become victims of Hodgkin lymphatic cancer. Females are often detected with signs of non Hodgkin lymphatic cancer.

Signs and detection of cancer in lymph nodes

Lymphoma cancer symptoms & early signs in Hodgkin's and non Hodgkin's group are nearly the same. A patient can be detected of having this disease through following signs.

  1. Pain & swelling in lymphatic nodes: Afflicted patients may display swellings in lymph nodes followed by itchy pain. These swollen nodes seen in the abdomen generate greater pain on consumption of alcoholic beverages. As cancer cells grow in number the spleen also gets afflicted with pain and inflammation. Patients may also experience pain in their lower back.

  2. Occurrence of frequent fevers: An individual suffering from cancer in Lymphoma also suffers from frequent fevers. These fevers are not of intense nature, yet they are caused by bacteria and viruses. These agents release certain chemical secretions in human body that enhance temperature of human body and subject it night sweats, chills and weakness in muscles.

  3. Reduction in cognitive functions: This is essentially counted among signs of tumor in lymphatic system. Degeneration of cognitive functions is seen after overspread of cancer in the brain. This is followed by general weakness in human physique, frequent headaches and laziness. Degeneration of cognitive functions also result change in human behavior like developing apathy and getting irritated on small issues.

  4. Gastrointestinal dysfunction: Dysfunction in gastro intestinal system leads to reduction of appetite. The abdomen region becomes swollen and intestine seems full to the patient. As a result he often eats less and reduces his daily diet. Dysfunction in gastrointestinal system also lowers retention of water. It leads to unnatural weight loss and reduction, indigestion of food, vomiting and nausea.

  5. Trouble in normal breathing: This is counted among common lymphoma cancer symptoms & early signs. The afflicted persons feel uncomfortable while breathing and their rate of respiration also goes down. As a result rate of food metabolism and release of energy from the digested food are also reduced.

  6. Swelling in face & neck: The face and neck of patients suffering from lymphatic tumor or cancer experience swelling in neck and face region. These body parts also generate pain when touch even in a tender way.

  7. Weakness in legs: Legs become weaker and snatch away the ability of afflicted patients to stand or walk normally.

How to deal with cancer in lymphatic system

After detection of cancer in the lymphatic system, doctors grade them as cancer of low grade, medium grade or high grade. Lymphomas of low grade grow at a slow rate; they can be treated readily with chemotherapy. Sometimes this therapy is combined with other therapies like radiation therapy. Lymphatic cancers of medium and high grades form follicular and diffused large cells. These cells grow at a faster rate and can be treated with lymphatic cancer surgeries. They can also be cured by chemotherapy at initial stages. Every treatment or cure is recommended by cancer specialists after proper recognition of lymphoma cancer symptoms & early signs.

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