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Before taking steps of lymphoma cancer prevention doctors need to recognize certain factors that contribute to its development. The primary cause of Hodgkin lymphomasand non Hodgkin lymphomas has to be determined. Medical surveys show that all kinds of lymphatic cancers can be avoided by quitting certain habits like smoking and drinking. Certain factors like health history of family exert a strong influence on the concerned patient. Lymphatic cancers develop in the lymph system of human body. They take over the white lymphatic cells that act as protection units of the body. Depending on the type of cancer growth, lymph cancer has been grouped in 30 categories. However, Hodgkin and non Hodgkin lymphoma are two primary categories of tumors seen in the lymphatic system. Doctors recommend detection and detecting lymphoma cancer at an early stage. This helps the patients to prevent growth and overspread of lymphomas to the lymphatic system and organs surrounding it.

How to Avoid Hodgkin's disease:

Hodgkin's disease is not so common yet male persons are often vulnerable to it. Around 7000 cases of Hodgkin cancer are detected in the United States each year. An individual having this kind of cancer suffers from non genetic and genetic factors. Genetic traits are inherited by every person. Patients whose parents or grandparents previously had a case of lymphatic cancer have more chances to suffer from it. This type of condition can occur during an early stage. Patients with genetic inheritance containing infections of Hodgkin lymphoma cancer may also suffer from it during the matured phase of life. They will suffer from symptoms like vomiting, nausea and reduction in appetite. Non genetic factors contributions to development of Hodgkin disease are also known as environmental factors. These factors develop such conditions that create cancer tumors in the lymphatic system. Exposure of human body to non organic chemicals and toxic metals are those environmental factors that contribute to growth of Hodgkin disease. Hodgkin lymphoma cancer prevention can be done by following some remedial measures.

  1. Proper Diet: Eating healthy food is necessary to keep up the body with stamina and power to combat diseases. Same concept is applicable for Hodgkin lymphoma cancer prevention. Medical researches prove that consumption of fats and greasy food enhances the risk of Hodgkin cancer. Experienced cancer surgeons suggest avoiding high calorie food as they have toxins that give rise to tumors in the lymphatic system. The best way to address this concern is to choose a diet that has optimized quantity of calories. Doctors highly recommend the use of fresh fruits and vegetables in place of junk foods. Such healthy foods contain folic acid, vitamin C and isothiocyanates that curb the growth and multiplication of tumor cells. Evidences prove that high consumption of alcohol also enhances the rate of lymphatic cancers. An alcoholic beverage interferes with the production of folic acid and enhances risk of tumors.

  2. Exercise: Exercises help to enhance the rate of healthy blood circulation and internal metabolism. Doing daily physical work outs help the body of patients to assimilate prescribed medications and food. Researchers at Harvard claim that physical activities like walking and running for 15 to 30 minutes per day, reduces chances of Hodgkin cancer growth in the lymphatic nodes.

How to prevent non Hodgkin disease:

The American Cancer Society claims about detection of more than 65,000 non Hodgkin lymphoma cases. It also reports about death of 19500 people due to ignoring non Hodgkin cancer tumors. This kind of cancer is seen more in males. American men have been suspected of being at greater risks than Asian and African males, concerning lymphatic cancer. Patients having HIV infections have a weak immune system and speedily develop infections of lymphatic cancer. Many factors like exposure of body to herbicides and viruses make a patient vulnerable to non Hodgkin disease. Some simple tips can help to prevent non Hodgkin disease:

  1. Reduction of stress: Avoiding mental stress can be an effective tool to reduce growth of non Hodgkin cancers. Stress can be avoided by many easy techniques of relaxation. Special breathing therapy, method of lymphoma cancer and physical exercises can prove to be the best measure in keeping one's mind free from worry and tension. Patients can remain free from mental stress by keeping themselves busy in creative activities.

  2. Eat organic foods: Consumption of natural foods can certainly help in non Hodgkin lymphoma cancer prevention. These foods are produced without antibiotics, synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers and residual substances of hormones. Doctors have different opinions in this concern, some of them recommend eating chicken and meat as these eatables contain high protein content. Yet they advise not to eat tanned meat as it contains chemical preservatives which enhance growth of tumors in lymphatic system. Eating organic tomatoes can also help in reducing and preventing growth of non Hodgkin lymphatic tumors.

  3. Being physically active: Patients following a physically active routine can also succeed in preventing growth of non Hodgkin lymphoma. Doing regular physical exercises help in production of macrophages. These macrophages help in killing viruses and bacteria. They also enhance the rate of blood circulation through the body. Physical workouts raise the temperature of body and create hostile conditions for microbes entering human body. In this process, bacteria causing lymphatic tumors in the lymphatic system, are also prevented from entering the human body.

If lymphatic cancer reaches in an advanced stage, powerful curative procedures like radiation therapy, stem transplantation therapy and chemotherapy are provided by oncologists. These therapies uproot lymphoma cancer cells from lymphatic nodes and organs surrounding them. However, taking precautions at an early stage is the best remedy. Every common person is recommended to undergo monthly health tests for getting knowledge of lymphoma cancer attacks. After recognizing symptoms of lymphatic cancer, patients need to approach a renowned surgeon for lymphoma cancer prevention.

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