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Lymphoma cancer recurrence is a sensitive issue concerning treatment of lymphoma tumors. It refers to re arising of a cancer in the lymphatic system. In the last 10 years, most patients of lymphoma cancer have got a successful cure due to timely detection and diagnosis. Treatment therapies involving radioactive radiations and medications have brought out many patients from risks of non Hodgkin and Hodgkin lymphoma. All tumors seen in the lymphatic system of human body can be eliminated after making correct diagnosis and choosing the right treatment. Recurrence of any disease is also known as relapse, many patients experience it during their lifetime. Coming back of a disease into the lives of patients is like a nightmare. No one wants to be victimized by a disease that was cured previously after hard efforts. Let us study about some factors concerning lymphoma cancer recurrence.

Definition of lymphoma relapses

Relapses of lymphoma cancer are defined as the return of growth of cancer tumor cells after forty days of treatment. It means signs of lymphatic cancer reoccur in a patient after full or partial treatment remission. Whenever symptoms re-arise more than 50 percent after treatment of lymph nodes, it is considered that tumors have returned to the lymphatic system. If evidence of lymphoma cancer return within thirty to forty days after the treatment, it is known as lymphoma progression.

Reasons for lymphoma cancer relapse

The primary reason of lymphoma relapse is lack of complete remission treatment while treating lymph cancer tumors. Doctors explain that some lymphoma cancer cells are not killed during treatment of lymph cancer. These cells start growing and multiplying to generate new tumor cells. Some medical theories state that exposure of patient's body to toxic substances or infectious microbes give rise to lymphoma cancers. Some medical researches claim that some lymphoma cancer cells develop immunity, to radiation therapy and chemotherapy. They perform this action by activating the genes to stop intake of drugs or radiations. Lymphoma cancer recurrence is detected by certain symptoms. These signs are noticed by a doctor or surgeon after taking resonance imaging, CT scans and diagnosis. Many among these tests are a part of initial diagnosis.

Types of lymphatic tumor relapses

  1. Clinic relapse: In this kind of lymphoma relapse, returning of disease is witnessed by doctors, medical professionals or even by patients undergoing the treatment. All these symptoms become unquestionable after physical examinations and CT scans. Many patients of lymphatic tumors have reported return of tumors even after some years of getting a preliminary treatment.

  2. Relapse due to cytogenic factors: Relapse of lymphoma cancer due to cytogenic relapse is detected by one or more blood tests. Most detection of cytogenic relapse is concerned with non Hodgkin lymphoma cancer. This kind of recurrence is also detected by the procedure of Fluroscence in situ hybridization also termed as FISH. The flow cytometry process detects the presence of antigens on surface of lymphocytes through the technique of biopsy.

Which patients are vulnerable to relapses?

One can say that low rate of lymphoma cancer relapses are seen in those patients, who had been detected previously of having advanced step of lymphatic tumors. Even cancer surgeons admit that tumors in an advanced phase of lymph system re occur. Body of patients having certain kinds of non Hodgkin lymphoma tumors do not respond well to chemical drugs and radiation therapies.

Where does cancer relapses occur?

Lymphoma cancer may reappear at certain parts of the lymphatic system. It also reappears in the lymphatic nodes, upper part of diaphragms and liver. This is indicated by swelling in the lymphatic nodes, chest and neck. Some doctors from renowned cancer treatment institutes in the U.S have claimed that HIV positive patients very often suffer from cancer relapse in their nervous system.

Transition of lymphoma cancer relapses

Lymphoma cancer relapses undergo transition from lower to higher grade within some days. However non Hodgkin lymphoma has been reported to undergo from higher grade to lower grade. Sometimes tissues undergoing biopsy are regarded to be transformed from higher grade to lower grade. Another interesting fact about lymphatic cancer transitions their conversion from Hodgkin to non Hodgkin cancer and vice versa.

Symptoms of reappearance of lymphoma cancer

  1. Emotional trauma: This is a preliminary symptom of lymphoma cancer; it has been described by surgeons as a sign causing lack of enthusiasm in patients. Patients who suffer from non Hodgkin lymphoma tumor are highly vulnerable to emotional breakdown during cancer relapse.

  2. Fear: Terror or an unknown fear overcomes minds of patients. They lack self confidence in daily life. All of them are often afflicted by thoughts of sudden death due to unknown reasons.

  3. Anger: Anger is a natural emotion that occurs in all persons. However, during lymphoma cancer recurrence most of the patients start expressing anger for petty reasons. They get irritated on small things and often get stormed by depression, cynicism and rage.

  4. Loss of faith in medical therapies: This is an interesting symptom seen among patients afflicted with reappearance of lymphoma cancer. They lose trust in medical therapies and drugs that have been devised for curing tumors of the lymphatic system. Patients might also lose ability to face emotional challenges in life.

How to treat relapses of lymphoma cancer

Curing relapses of lymphoma cancer is determined on basis of its appearance in the body for first time. The best option to control reappearing tumors is to start the second series of drug treatment. Surgeons can also opt to treat patients with radiation therapy.

However, this counteraction of lymphoma is so powerful that all patients do not have the required stamina to undergo it for the second time. After seeing lymphoma cancer recurrence, surgeons usually resort to chemotherapy. It is a safe solution to recheck the growth of cancer tumors.

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