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Many healthcare organizations in the U.S and other countries of the world are running big campaigns of lymphoma cancer support. This disease has been spreading all over the world among people of all age groups. Main reasons of worldwide overspread of this disease are lack of knowledge among patients about its occurrence. Half the population of the world is still don't understand that lymphoma is a cancer tumor. Every year, hundreds of patients in the U.S come up to doctors with serious signs of lymphatic cancer. Most of them are not aware that cancer is growing within their lymphatic system. Most of the organizations running campaigns for lymphoma awareness are in the US. Other nations are also running such campaigns to create consciousness among common people. Following are some renowned organizations which are running campaigns of lymphatic cancer.

  1. Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF): LRF is running a consciousness campaigns for creating awareness about cancer. It has an active helpline to provide new referrals to community resources. The networking group of Lymphoma Research Foundation is successfully running email chat groups and networking groups to share more information about lymphoma cancer. LRF has vast resources to guide common people and patients who want to know more about the disease. It has its support center chiefly at Los Angeles. You can learn more about Lymphoma Research Foundation by visiting their official site.

  2. The American Psychological Oncology Society: This lymphoma cancer support group has been established at Charlottesville, VA 22911. It is an organization that is giving more importance to counseling and support campaigns throughout the United States. It is running referral campaigns to interconnect medical professionals, surgeons, doctors, nurses, social workers, common people and patients. You can get more information on official website of The American Psychological Oncology Society.

  3. Cancer Care, Inc: This organization of lymphoma cancer volunteering runs its operation center in New York (U.S). It is chiefly a national service agency founded to help people suffering with cancer. It also guides friends and families to cope up with the condition of the concerned person. Cancer Care. Inc has numerous support groups, teleconferencing, education seminars and consultations. It is also providing financial aid to those patients and families who are in trouble due to heavy expenditure on lymphatic cancer. More information can be obtained by visiting the official website of Cancer Care. Inc.

  4. Cancer Hope Network: This institution provides free consultation and strong emotional support to those patients who are diagnosed with lymphatic cancers. It also provides post treatment guidance and care to those patients who have undergone treatment of lymphoma cancer. It publishes medical journals and books on cancer for providing support to patients and common people. Cancer Hope Network runs its operation centers at United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. Visit the official website of Cancer Hope Network for more information.

  5. Gilda's Club Worldwide: It is an international social volunteering community where patients suffering with lymphatic tumors can get together and support each other emotionally. Cancer patients can make their friends and families to join this lymphoma cancer support organization. All members of this social and health volunteering organizations extend social and emotional support to each other. Operational center of this club is in New York. It also has 14 additional operation centers around the world. People of all ages can join these centers and share their experiences concerning treatment of lymphoma tumors. National Association of Social Workers: This association provides help to cancer patients with its online clinical social volunteers. All volunteers have profound experience of treating patients. They are well qualified according to required standards of health volunteering. The operation center of National Association of Social Workers is at Washington DC.

  6. Chemo Angels: It is a volunteering community which is dedicated to adding happiness to the lives of those who are suffering from cancer. In the opinion of Chemo Angels all patients of cancer disease need to get emotional support after undergoing mental stress due to radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

  7. Cancer Survivors Online: It is an online web portal; it has been designed to offer genuine information and resources about lymphatic tumors. Cancer patients, surgeons and common people can use this web portal share knowledge about lymphoma cancer support with their family and friends.

  8. The Wellness Community: This community is providing free consultation to cancer patients through its educational campaigns and social networking programs. It is operating its operation center at Washington DC. It also runs online lymphoma cancer support groups to patients who need proper concern for lymphoma treatment.

All these lymphoma cancer support groups are motivated towards welfare of cancer patients. They have focused their goals towards providing genuine information and guidance to develop consciousness about lymphoma cancer.

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