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Melanoma cancer awareness is very important because this is a cancer which is one of the most common and the most dangerous skin cancer. It is mostly observed in women of the western nations. This is a cancer which does not show early signs and one should be very observant to see any change in the body. Self examination is the first step of this cancer detection. If this cancer runs in the family one should be aware and take precautions from early age as this cancer has no specific age to strike. For being aware about this life threatening cancer, one should have the proper knowledge of the causes and symptoms of this cancer. Melanoma awareness can be created by tying a black ribbon in the month of May.

Melanoma cancer causes


This is the biggest factor which causes this common skin cancer. In many cases, genes are the reasons of developing this cancer. There are many genes which have high risk of developing this cancer at any early age. Gene MC1R is the gene which is present in most red haired individuals and they are at the lowest risk of this cancer.

Exposure to the sun

Sun is an important factor that needs to be considered as it is considered as the biggest cause of this cancer after genes. This damages the skin and the DNA which in turn causes uncontrollable multiplication of the cells and gives rise to this cancer of the skin.

Have light colored hair and eyes or freckles

This is an issue which affects almost all the people who have very fair skin or light colored hair face. The people who have these characteristics must be aware of this common melanoma cause. This cancer is not very common in African American but a white will be 15 times more prone to this cancer.


In the United States of America, a study has revealed that women are at a very high risk of developing this cancer than males.

Exposure to artificial lighter (booths, lamps and tanning beds)

Booths, lamps and tanning beds give out artificial light which contains a lot of harmful substances which cause the damage to the skin and cells. This is one of the easiest ways of obtaining this cancer. Indoor tanning too is very harmful and should not be followed.

Unusual mole or lump

Many a times, there are developments on the skin which look abnormal and are not commonly seen on self or others. This should be a cause of concern because even if it is not melanoma, it can be infectious which can turn out to be cancerous at a later stage. One should see a doctor as soon as possible.


Melanoma is a cancer which can happen to any age group. In fact most of the cancers develop in the people who are under the age of 35 years.

Melanoma cancer awareness does not stop just here, one should also know the signs and symptoms of this deadly cancer

  1. A mole or a lump which is not a particular size or shape. Asymmetric in nature.
  2. A mole or lump that has no borders to it and has a rough edges.
  3. A mole or a lump that is continuously growing in size and shape and a lot of itching is also accompanied with it.
  4. A mole with strange coloring to it or many a times it has a lot of colors on it (dark colors) the mole can be of the following colors black, blue, red, white or brown/mustard
  5. Development of a new mole which is flat in shape but is black or brown in color and looks as a bad development.

The month of May is considered as melanoma cancer awareness month and all the patients and the supporters of this cancer wear a black ribbon. The awareness is spread with the help of telling people about what this cancer is how and how it can affect a normal life of an individual. This cancer is severe if not detected on time, and this detection can happen only when one knows the basics of this cancer.

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