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Melanoma cancer causes are very common. This cancer occurs in the cells present in the skin. These are the cells which produce melanin which are responsible for the color of the skin. When the cells in the skin are damaged, they begin to multiply at a very fast pace and thus are responsible to generate tumors. This is a cancer which is also caused because of the sun and its UV rays. Sun is one of the biggest contributors to cause this deadly cancer.

The melanoma cancer causes are as follows: -

  1. Genetics

    This is the biggest factor which causes this common skin cancer. In many cases, this cancer runs in the family. There are many genes which have been identified which cause this cancer. And some rare genes have a very high risk of causing melanoma. There are a few common genes, like the gene called MC1R that which is present in the individuals who have red hair, and are at a lower risk of getting this cancer. There are many mutations present in the history of medical which define the cause of this cancer. Some mutations have a very high risk of gaining this cancer and some have negligible risk to this cancer.

  2. UV radiation from tanning beds

    In July 2009, the IARC released a report which mentioned that tanning beds are "carcinogenic to humans". This was an agency which is a part of World Health Organization (WHO), who said that almost 75% of cancer is caused because of these tanning beds.

  3. Sun Exposure: This is a very important factor that one should always keep in mind. When the rays of the sun hit the body, they cause severe damage to the cells of the skin and damage the DNA. This gives rise to melanoma in the body. It is always advisable to protect the skin from the harsh rays by wearing a good sun block creme whenever outdoors.

  4. Exposure to artificial lighter (booths and lamps):

    Booths and lamps give out light in an artificial manner. Getting tanned under this light also causes a lot of damage to the skin. This is a cancer which is relatively very easy to obtain and thus one should avoid these artificial ways of tanning. Indoor tanning too is not advisable to anyone.

  5. Being over the age of 20 and Caucasian:

    Caucasian is a specific race of people in the western region. This is a cancer which can be diagnosed at an early stage and the symptoms may start to show at any time after the age of 20 years. This is a cancer which will occur to anyone, who does not take correct precautions, but is seen more commonly in this ethnicity.

  6. Unusual mole or spot:

    Many a times, there are developments on the skin which look very different than the others. There have been many cases that people have not given important to these spots and these developments are cancerous in nature. One should not ignore this and should visit a doctor as soon as possible.

  7. Have light colored hair and eyes, freckles or red hair:

    It is a very common knowledge that sun plays havoc with people who have light colored skin. This is one of the strongest causes of melanoma cancer. It is believed that the people who have light skin are 20 times more likely to develop melanoma cancer than African Americans. If a person has fair skin he/ she are prone to the risk of cancer 10 times more.

  8. Weak immune systems:

    The people who are undergoing treatments or have been suppressed with medicines due to illness have a weak immune system. This is a major cause of development of melanoma.

  9. Age:

    Melanoma is a cancer which can happen to any age group. In fact most of the cancers develop in the people who are under the age of 35 years.

  10. Gender:

    In the United States of America, a study has revealed that women are at a very high risk of developing this cancer than males. Melanoma cancer causes are very common and no one takes these precautions knowingly. This is a cancer which can affect anyone who has severe exposure to sunlight. The UV rays affect the skin of the individual and moles or lumps are formed. One should take care of the developments on the body so that no serious situation develops for the patient.

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