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Melanoma cancer detection should be done at an early stage so that this cancer does not spread and become life threatening. This is a cancer which deals with the skin and is considered as the most severe skin cancer. This cancer does not take a lot of time to metastasize, the main organs where this cancer reaches the fastest is the brain, lungs or pancreas. The cancer needs to be self detected and for this one must know the symptoms and early signals of melanoma cancer.

The early signs and symptoms of this cancer which can be used for the detection of this cancer are

The main and the earliest sign of melanoma cancer is a mole or a lump on the skin which has an abnormal growth. This mole is generally of an abnormal size or a color and stays on the skin for a very long duration compared to any other type of moles present on the body. This mole can erupt on any part of the skin and hence one should do a self analysis of the body on a regular basis.

ABCD is a very common rule which is followed by the doctor to detect this cancer. This is a rule where the symptoms of this deadly cancer come under the category of ABCD the doctor observes the spots as per the following parameters: -

  1. A denotes asymmetry: - this happens when the mole is not of a particular shape of size it looks very strange without a particular shape.
  2. B denotes border: - this is a indication that the edges of the mole are very rough and generally not visible as they are blurred
  3. C denotes color: - The color of the mole differs from the whole body. This happens when the cancer has begun to grow or it has started to spread. There are times when the color of the mole denotes the stage of the cancer. The color of the mole may be brown, black, blue and it may have patches of red, pink or orange.
  4. D is for Diameter: - the mole or the spot is large and represents the eraser which is found on a pencil. This is a spot which begins to grow with various levels of melanoma cancer.

But these are not the only signs of melanoma cancer. This is a cancer which can show other severe or abnormal signs as well. The other signs which can be used for melanoma cancer detection are: -

  1. A lump or a mole which does not heal for a very long duration
  2. Pigmentation starts to occur from the spot to surrounding skin
  3. Rash near the border of the mole or itchiness causing severe redness
  4. Change in the surface of a mole; oozing, bleeding, or the appearance of a bump or nodule

Melanoma cancer is the most severe form of skin cancer and it affects the cells which provide pigments to the skin. This is a cancer which develops in the cells which produce melanin and the most common causes of melanoma cancer is the sun rays. Ultraviolet radiations affect the skin the most and make this cancer easily formed in the body.

How can melanoma cancer detection occur?

  1. One should observe if there is any mole developed on the skin. If so are there any changes in the mole

  2. One should keep a check on the shape and size of the mole which are developed an the duration of the mole on the body

  3. Keep an eye on the mole and the edges or borders of the mole. If any abnormal growth occurs, one should visit a doctor as soon as possible

  4. Keep a check on the color of the mole and the shade it has changed to

  5. If there is continuous bleeding or itching on that particular mole

  6. Moles or lumps which have a texture change and get rough as time passes

One should not take any chances if any of the following symptoms or changes happen on the skin. One should keep in mind that this is the best way for melanoma cancer detection. A skin specialist, dermatologist is needed to these abnormal growths and detect this particular cancer. Ignorance of any signs and symptoms may lead to something worse at a later stage.

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