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Melanoma cancer can be caused due to many reasons. These factors are very common and one must know that such normal things can also cause such a life threatening cancer. Melanoma cancer prevention should start with eliminating sun exposure. The ultraviolet rays which are produced by the sun are the most major cause of this cancer.

How can one prevent this cancer?

  1. Protect your skin: -
    • The hours when the sun is at peak and emits high amount of ultraviolet rays is between 10 am to 4 pm. This is the time when one should stay indoors to stay safe.
    • The clothes that you choose to wear are also can benefit you a lot. If in any case you have to head out in the peak hours you should wear a cap and also wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. One can also wear a full sleeve shirt or a scarf so that sunlight does not reach the skin.
    • A sun block is the best way to avoid the harmful rays of the sun. One should apply the cream extensively over the parts which are exposed to the sun.
    • The sun block must have the capability to protect you from both types of ultraviolet radiation in the sun's rays-UVA and UVB. The sun block should have a minimum SPF of 15
    • If you use a high level of SPF the protection will be higher
    • You should also protect your children from this harmful cancer by applying sun screen lotions on their exposed body parts and by making them wear good fabrics. This cancer has no specific age to attack the body, and children must follow such a preventive system since their young age
    • Most amounts of melanomas occur because of sunbathing and tanning salons. These activities increase the risk of this cancer by almost 80 % in the individuals who do this before the age of 30 years.
    • Whenever there is shade available one should seek it. it is important to rest the skin even when outdoors and one should avoid the continuous exposure to the sun

  2. Genetic testing and counseling
    • This is the second most common reason of occurrence of this cancer. In this case the cancer runs in the families and has a very deep impact on the patients. There are many mutations that are present in the human body, and some mutations carry the genes of this cancer. Many a times it is possible that you have inherited these mutations and this cancer is developed in you. This is possible in the following cases: -
      1. If many members of one side of your family are suffering from melanoma
      2. A member of the family has had more than one melanoma
      3. If a family member is a patient of melanoma cancer as well as pancreatic cancer
      4. If in the past you were the patient of melanoma
      5. Genes that come under the category of CDKN2K are supposed to be the mutations which carry the highest risk of melanoma cancer. One
      should visit a doctor so that they can be tested for this cancer at early stage itself
  3. Vitamin D and Sun
    • It's a known fact that vitamin D has many health benefits. This is a vitamin which also has the capability of lowering a few risks to other cancers. The natural way of getting this vitamin is the sun, but it is not available all the time. It is best extracted from the sun during sun rise and after a few hours it gets dangerous causing a lot of skin damage and darkening. The amount of vitamin D needed also depends on the gender, age and other health issue of the body. Exposing the body to the sun for getting vitamin D in a correct way and time is the key to melanoma cancer prevention.

    Melanoma cancer prevention starts from self. This is a cancer which can turn out to be life threatening if it is not treated on time and not detected at a correct time. This is a cancer which impacts the skin primarily and then after metastasis it affects other major organs of the body. Thus the first step to prevent melanoma is protection of the skin in order to keep it healthy.

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