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Melanoma cancer surgery is given to people who suffer from this deadly skin cancer at any stage. This is a cancer which affects the skin of the patient at any age and can cause a lot of complications in the life to come. One should know what causes this cancer and the symptoms of this disease, because it is important to have the knowledge for self detection. As this cancer does not have many early signs of detection at an early stage. It is a challenge for most of the people suffering from this cancer. There are many types of melanoma cancer surgery which can be performed on the patients suffering from this cancer. The type of surgery will depend upon the stage and spread of the cancer.

The types of surgeries are

Simple elimination of the cancer

This is a surgery which can be done when the melanoma is in stage 1. In this type of a treatment, the surgery is very minor and the tumor is very thin. The name which is given to such type of an operation is simple excision. In this surgery, the part which is infected by cancer is made numb by the use of a few chemicals and the tumor is then cut out from that part. A little amount of healthy skin is also removed, so that there is no scope of any cancerous cells existing in the body. The cut is then stitched but the scar will always remain.

Lymph node analysis surgery

This technique is not very evident in today's time as well. This was a way which was used to check the spread of the cancer in the lymph nodes. This was a very minor surgery with hardly any side effects. It is not that this melanoma cancer surgery is not done today, but it may depend on the doctor or the stage of the cancer.

In this surgery the sentinel node is checked for cancer. If this node does not have any presence of cancer in it then the other nodes are checked. This is called as sentinel lymph node biopsy.

But, if there is any mark of cancerous cells in this node, then this node is treated for cancer and all the other nodes which surround are completely removed from the body. This is a matter of melanoma cancer study for many doctors and few also claim that if this type of surgery is done then this cancer will have a higher survival rate.

But as it is said that ever good thing has a bad side to it, the same is the case with this surgery. There is a very sever long term side effected associated with this surgery. The lymph nodes are used for removing the excess fluids present in the arms and legs. If this process does not take place, constant swelling is observed in these parts of the body which too is a cause of concern.

Wide-excision (re-excision)

This is a surgery which takes place when the malignancy is confirmed with the help of a biopsy. In this surgery, the area where the tumor is present is deeply cut to remove more skin than usual. This removed skin is then checked under a microscope and the area which is cut will also be checked under the microscope to make sure that there are no cancerous cells remaining in the body. This surgery will differ if the cancer is present in the skin of the face. A specific method called Mohs will be used to treat the cancer of the face. This is a way to remove the cancer by eliminating very thin layers of the tissue. Not all doctors give a green signal for this surgery as it is very complicated and not many fruitful results are seen.


The process of amputation is known for the removal of the whole part from the body or making that part of the body inactive. melanoma cancer medical aid is given to the patients who have the cancer on fingers or toe. But in recent times this procedure is not practiced because many new and better techniques have evolved.

Surgery for melanoma after metastasis

This is a situation where surgery also does not help. In this situation, the cancer has spread to other organs of the body like lungs or the brain and it is very difficult to control it after this. In this case the surgery does not give any assurance of long life because this cancer tends to move so fast that just one type of treatment will not suffice the requirement of the patient.

Melanoma cancer surgery is the surgery which can be given to almost all the patients but suits best at the time the cancer has not gone beyond stage 2B. This is a cancer which spreads very fast and thus is life threatening in most of the cases. Surgery is the way by which the whole tumor can be removed from the body, but it also gets very dangerous if it is not successful and the cancer is not completely treated from the body of the individual.

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