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Melanoma is a common skin cancer that seen in the melanocytes, which are the cells that give pigments in the skin. This is one of the most severe skin cancers that affect an individual. Melanoma cancer symptoms and early signs can be self examined, but the patient needs to know the changes very well and soon because this is a cancer which can metastasize faster than any other cancer. This causes many life threatening situations leading to deaths. About 55,000 new cases of melanoma are diagnosed in the United States of America every year. Early detection and analysis of melanoma cancer is very essential. If this cancer is detected at an early stage even a minor surgery can cure this cancer.

Melanoma Cancer Symptoms and Early Signs

Early signs of melanoma cancer are the changes in the shape or color of the moles which are present. If the cancer is nodular melanoma then many a times a new lump is seen on any region of the skin. This should be bought in the knowledge of the dermatologist as soon as possible.

If the cancer has a reached a later stage then these moles or lump may have severe itching, bleeding or may take the form of ulcers.

The early signs and symptoms may be characterized as ABCDE symptoms: -

  • Asymmetry
  • Borders
  • Color and
  • Diameter
  • Evolving over time

Melanoma can resemble a mole. The cancer mostly grows inside the mole or the freckles which are seen on the skin. But it is also seen that this cancer cannot be detected early in some rare cases, as it does not have any change in the color or cause any pigments on the skin.

Symptoms and early signs of melanoma cancer can include:

  1. A mole that is asymmetrical in shape and size
  2. A mole that has an irregular border to it
  3. A mole that is growing on a continuous basis and also has a lot of itching accompanied by it
  4. A mole with strange coloring to it or many a times it has a lot of colors on it (dark colors) the mole can be of the following colors black, blue, red, white or brown/mustard
  5. Development of a new mole which is flat in shape but is black or brown in color and looks as a bad development

Melanoma is a cancer which can be treated well if it is detected in an early stage. This is a cancer which can be self examined and in most of the cases shows early signs..

These are moles or lumps which can develop at any part of the body. And hence one should look at each part carefully. If any new development is seen which looks abnormal and has stayed within the body, it should be treated and a visit to the doctor must be made on time.

If bleeding or pus is seen from the mole then one should not wait a second and visit a local doctor, this can be a beginning of some infection or worse, it could be melanoma cancer symptoms and early signs. Sometimes, it is difficult to discern between an ordinary mole and a melanoma and this is the most important aspect which one has to face in this cancer.

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