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Melanoma cancer therapy is a treatment which can be given to the cancer patients other than surgery. This is a type of medication which is provided to the patients who cannot undergo a melanoma cancer operation due to several reasons. These therapies are very useful because they are just mean for killing all the cancerous cells from the body.

There are three types of therapies, which can be used for treating melanoma. They are as follows:

  1. Chemotherapy
    • Chemotherapy uses drugs to destroy the cancer present in the body. In this medication of melanoma cancer the drugs are passed into the body via blood streams. This is a treatment which can also destroy the cancerous cells which are present outside the targeted. This melanoma cancer therapy is also called as systemic treatment the drugs which are given to the patient follow a system when they enter the blood stream and they try to destroy the cells in a specific pattern.

    • It is not necessary to take this therapy by injecting the drug in the blood. One can also take this treatment via mouth or orally. This therapy can also be given with the help of a thin needle. This is a needle which carries drugs and it is injected in the veins or the muscles of the patient. There are options of giving the therapy directly at the spot of the cancer in the organ; this type of therapy is called as intravesical therapy.

  2. Radiation Treatment for Cancer
    • In this type of melanoma cancer therapy high radio active rays are used either to shrink the tumor or to kill the cancerous cells. This is a therapy which uses these radioactive rays only on the targeted areas. The main purpose of giving this therapy is that the cells genetic material which produces the cells is damaged. Thus the cancer growth stops.

    There are various ways of giving this therapy

    • Radiation therapy via external means: - In this process the radiations reach the body with the help of a machine which is kept outside the body. These are rays which directly target the area that has malignancy in it.
    • Radiation therapy via internal means: - This is a way of treating the patients which works better than the external therapy. In this type of therapy the radioactive material is kept inside the tissues of the infected organ or area and then they spread to cure the malignancy.
    • Systemic radiation therapy: - a radioactive material such as iodine is given to the patients via mouth which travels to the tissues all over the body. The dosage is very strong and that's how this therapy can kill the cells which are present in the body harming the organ.

    What are the risks associated with this cancer?

    This is a therapy which is given to the people who have large tumors so that the cancer can shrink. In many cases this therapy also stops the cancer symptoms but it comes with a lot of side effects. There are many risks associated with this cancer and the therapy which is suggested to you will be of a manner which gives you the least amount of side effects.

    The risks which are associated with this therapy are

    • Tiredness
    • Vomiting with or without nausea
    • Several changes in the skin. Color of the skin becomes red or it starts to flake
    • There are many side effects which occur in the specific area of treatment. Theses are issues related to the organs of the body
    In most of the cases these side effects go away when the treatment is about to end or has ended. And many a times the side effects occur months or years after the treatment is over. These side effects are: -

    • Damage to the bowel which causes bleeding and diarrhea
    • Infertility
    • Fibrosis of the skin
    • In some it causes memory is lost

  3. Immunotherapy

    In this therapy one where self immunity treats the cancer; in this way the individuals immune system is boosted, directed, or restored by different types of immunotherapy.

    The two most important and major types of immunotherapy that can be used are vaccines and biologics.

    • Biologics
    • These are medicines which are made from natural proteins. These medicines include cytokines which help the cells of the of the immune system communicate
    • They come in form of interferons and interleukins, which are used to kill the cancerous cells or they are used to slow the spread of disease in other body parts
    • Vaccines
    • Vaccines in general are used for attacking the cancer causing cells in the immune system. They are given to the people who have relevantly better immune system but are suffering from cancer.

Melanoma cancer therapies are very useful and work very well for the people who are suffering from cancer but cannot undergo surgery because of several reasons. This is a way by which the cancer can be treated but these therapies do have several side effects which occur sooner or later.

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