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Melanoma cancer treatment begins in most of the cases with seeking the correct medical care and precautions. This allows the health to improve on its own and also gives the body a chance to repair the damaged cells. There are many tests and exams pertaining to the skin, which are performed on the patient so that correct treatment can be given to the patient. The treatment of this cancer will also depend on the melanoma cancer states, the person's immunity level, age of the patient and the spread of the disease. This cancer is curable in most of the cases if it is detected at an early stage with the help of a small surgery so as to remove the tumors or cells.

Melanoma cancer treatment may involve the following aspects: -

  1. Chemotherapy treatment is given to those patients, where the cancer has spread in the lymph nodes which are not a part of the skin and are present in other organs of the body
  2. Immunotherapy treatment is given to the patients who have had the cancer in several other parts of the body and the cancer has reached a very late stage, this is a stage where the cancer has spread beyond the nodes
  3. Dietary counseling is given to the patients who have weak immune systems so that the strength to fight the cancer can come in a natural way
  4. Physical therapy is given to those patients to improve their overall health, so that they can fight the cancer which has reached a late stage.
  5. To relieve the pain which is caused in the moles or the lumps which are formed on the skin medications are needed
  6. Various skin testing tools are present to detect the presence of cancerous cells in the nearby lymph nodes for the, which will help in the spread of melanoma cancer
  7. A surgery is performed (minor) to remove the cancerous tumor and the surrounding skin so that the cancer is out of the body completely

Complementary treatments for melanoma cancer: -

There are some complementary treatments which may be useful for people who are already undergoing the treatment of melanoma cancer. and live a healthy life. These treatments are also called as alternative therapies, which are provided to the patient along with original treatment or the main treatment. These are treatments which cannot be completely responsible to cure this cancer.

Complementary treatments for melanoma cancer may include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Massage therapy

Hospice care

Many a times, no treatment works on this cancer as it has advanced to a very high stage. This cancer can spread very fast in all the other parts of the body. In Hospice care, the aim of the doctor shifts from removing the cancer from the body, but efforts are made to improve the quality of life of the patient. In this type of melanoma cancer treatment, the pain of the cancer is reduced with the help of various medicines and the other prominent symptoms are controlled by providing psychological and spiritual support (melanoma cancer assistance).

If this cancer is not treated on time, the complications which may happen are: -

Complications of melanoma cancer are always life-threatening. These are complications which are caused because this cancer grows rapidly and can spread to almost all the vital organs of the body. This is a cancer which is caused because of abnormal or strange growth on the skin and severe cell multiplication in the body. These cells travel very fast via blood to various organs such as the bones, lungs and liver. As soon as they travel to other parts of the body, they begin to multiply at a fast pace and then they turn into malignant tumors in the body. This happens when the melanoma cancer has almost reached the last stage. When the metastasis of this cancer occurs the following cancers/issues are the most common developments: -

  1. Development of breast cancer is at its peak
  2. Skin can be totally damaged, as the deepest tissue of the skin can be damaged
  3. The cancer can spread to other lymph nodes of various organs and thus it affects the working of other cancer

Melanoma cancer treatment is of various types like any other type of cancer. This is a cancer which needs to be treated as soon as possible because it affects other organs very fast. It becomes very difficult to treat this cancer once it has spread to other parts of the body and many complications arise if this cancer has reached the vital organs of the body. This cancer disturbs the immunity of a person and also affects his overall life expectancy rate in the long run.

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