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Detection of cancer in early stages is the key to cure the cancer completely. Early detection and treatment increases the possibilities of a patient to survive for more than five years. If you observe any signs and symptoms that indicate the presence cancer cells, visiting a doctor is recommended. Your doctor will perform metastatic cancer detection to know the stage and type of the cancer. Understanding this helps them to decide the right treatment option that will work well on the patient.

How to detect cancer early?

Cancer can be treated and cured much easily, if it is detected early. So a large number of efforts are taken to develop the techniques to detect the early signs of metastatic cancer. Regular medical checkups and self examination is helpful to detect the cancer in early stages and avoid its spread at large extent. Even if a person does not develop any cancer symptoms, the doctor can detect it through the routine tests or physical examinations. If your cancer remains undetected for long time it becomes metastatic and metastatic cancer detection is little tricky, as you may never predict where the cancer cells have exactly spread in your body. Consulting your doctor will help you know about the abnormalities and risks allied with your cancer. Your doctor may plan for the regular checkup schedule, in which they will advice the patient by considering their medical history, age and other risk factors. The doctor will also guide about the techniques of self exams.

Metastatic cancer detection techniques

Here are some techniques that are used to detect the metastatic cancer:


This technique enables the doctor to examine the body of the patient in detail by viewing the pictures of what is going on inside the body. This method is helpful for the metastatic cancer detection. Various imaging methods to detect the cancer cells:

  • Ultra sound: This technique uses ultra sound waves to make a picture of the interior body organs and thus helps to detect the abnormal cells.
  • X-rays: In this method electromagnetic radiations are used to take the pictures inside the body. Dense materials such as the bones and cartilage inside the body absorb the X-rays and the lighter substances like blood do not.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI scans: In this technique magnetism is used to get the pictures instead of X-rays. These pictures can be obtained in 3 D form or slices, which allow the doctor to examine the body clearly.
  • CT scans: This method allows the doctor to take the X-ray images in different angles. These types of images also give a clear view inside the body.
  • PET scan or Positron Emission Tomography: It is a form of new technology, which provides more sensitive X-ray images and MRI that can show the working of your body part also.
  • Endoscopy: This technique allows the doctor to insert long thin tube along with a camera at its tips to get the images inside the body. This helps to view any abnormal substance inside the body. In order to examine the abdominal cavity, your doctor may make an incision in your body through which the endoscope id inserted. An endoscope can also be used to take samples of any abnormal tissues in the body.

Cancer Screening

Usually screening helps to detect the presence cancer cells in the early stage of metastatic cancer. Generally, breast, bowel and cervical cancers are detected by this method.

Samples of Tissues:

This can be the absolute method to detect the presence of cancer cells in the tissues. This process can also be termed as biopsy, where the sample of tissues is taken and observed under the microscope. The sample of tissues from the affected area is taken with the help of the needle; it is then examined under the microscope by the doctor.

Blood tests and other exams

There are several blood tests that are helpful to detect the cancer cells inside the body. These tests involve DNA, sugar, proteins and fats. For instance, a PSA test is performed to detect the level of protein in the bloodstream of man. This test is usually used to detect the prostate cancer. Scientists are working to find out the new techniques to reveal the presence of cancer cells through urine test or other body fluids test.

Detection of cancer in the initial stages is more helpful to cope with the cancer easily. There might be a lot of techniques for metastatic cancer detection, still curing a metastatic cancer completely is little difficult.

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