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No doubt, any type of metastatic cancer is an issue of concern, as it originates at one site and gets spread (metastases) in to other body parts in the later stages. The media through which the cancer cells get spread involves the bloodstream and the lymphatic mechanism in the body. As per the studies, metastatic cancer life expectancy is very less as compared to life expectancy at the initial stage of any cancer. Detecting the cancer in early stages is the best option to avoid its spread or metastases and cure it completely.

The five year survival rate for any type of cancer patient is very least. Unfortunately, it is a fact that human race has yet not come up with any treatment or therapy of metastatic cancer that helps to cure the cancer completely. One should not lose their hope despite this, as there are some cases where the patient with metastatic cancer has survived and lived to tell their experience. Joining the support for metastatic cancer group can be helpful to build up your strength to overcome this fatal medical condition.

Metastatic cancer life expectancy for three types of cancers

Colon Cancer Life Expectancy:

Although, recovering completely from the metastatic colon cancer is rare, still there are some cases in which the patients have survived for more than five years. In order to increase the life expectancy of the patient, using chemotherapy can be an ideal option, but it is preferred by considering the general health and tolerance ability of the patient.

Lung Cancer Life Expectancy:

As per the statistics, patient with metastatic lung cancer has 32 percent possibilities of surviving for one year. In rare cases, only two percent of people can survive for more than five years.

Bone cancer life expectancy:

The five year survival rate for metastatic bone cancer is in between 19 to 49 percent. This might be quite good sign for the patient, but remember that it is based on whether the cancer is malignant or benign. Always keep in mind that it potentially depends on the throughout determination and attitude of the patient, your possibilities and abilities of coping the cancer in this developing stage.

Metastatic cancer life expectance by type and race:

When a person is diagnosed with any type of cancer, the doctor normally provides a stage of metastatic cancer in numerical manner. Stage 1 is considered as the less invasive type of cancer while, stage 4 is considered as the advanced or more invasive stage of cancer. Due to this reason, stage four cancer is usually discussed with a predictable life expectancy.

Life expectancy of lowest metastatic cancer by type:

Some researchers performed tests to compare the least five year survival rate for different types of cancers that are metastasized. Pancreatic cancer has about 4.4 percent of five year life expectancy, while for liver cancer, it is around 10.2 percent. For mesothelioma it is about 7.2 percent and for the metastatic cancer of esophagus this statistics is around 13.8 percent.

Life expectancy of higher metastatic cancer by type:

For stage 4, thyroid metastatic cancers, the five year life expectancy is around 93.9 percent, while for the endocrine and lip cancer this statistics are around 91 percent. Providentially, for patients with these types of metastatic cancers, the life expectancy is very optimistic.

Lowest metastatic cancer life expectancy by race:

The lowest rate of life expectancy for the patients with pancreatic cancer is 4.4 percent for the whites. For the Asians it is around 4.8 percent while for the blacks it is 4.4 percent.

Highest metastatic cancer life expectancy by race:

For whites, the life expectancy rate is around 95.8 percent, for blacks it is around 94.7 percent. For Asians, the five year survival rate for metastatic cancer is near 94.0. These statistics does not show the data for other races. The overall metastatic cancer life expectancy rates were lowest for the Asians (about 54 percent), higher for the whites (i.e. 65 percent).

All the above discussed data is approximate and not the exact statistics and these are based on the researches carried out by the American Cancer Society. Metastatic cancer life expectancy varies as little as per the race and type of the cancer.

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