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Multiple myeloma awareness can be spread by educating the general public about the ill effects of the cancer. Awareness can save a individuals life.

Awareness seeks to answer questions such as the following:

  • What is multiple myeloma
  • What are the causes
  • What are its symptoms
  • How can multiple myeloma be diagnosed
  • What are the treatments and costs of the treatments
  • What are the chances of survival

Awareness on a personal level:

Multiple myeloma awareness must start on a personal level. First and foremost, try to understand the causes and symptoms and then its diagnosis and treatments.

Awareness of symptoms:

Multiple myeloma, unlike other cancer does not show visible signs such as outward swellings and tumors. The manifestation are an indirect indicator of rapid plasma cell and antibody production. Symptoms include:

  • Anemia, weakness and weight reduction
  • Bone damage and bone fractures accompanied by joint pain and back pain where spinal bones are damaged
  • Increased levels of calcium, thirst, feeling of dryness or fatigue

Awareness of causes:

The true causes of multiple myeloma are little known. But research has found out some risk factors such as,

  • Being aged above 65
  • Being male
  • Alcoholism
  • Genetic pre disposition, DNA and chromosomal damage
  • Family history

Being aware of causes can certainly help you avoid the risks and manage the disease effectively.

Awareness of diagnostics:

Diagnostic tests can help you identify the disease early on and help the management of the disease. It can prolong your life span. Remember diagnostic tests:

  • Blood tests such as calcium, serum creatinine tests
  • Urine tests such as protein electrophoresis
  • X-Ray and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests
  • Bone marrow and bone biopsy tests
  • Genetic profiling

Awareness of treatment:

Even though, no permanent cure exists for multiple myeloma treatments can certainly help in slowing down the spread of the disease. Treatment can also stop multiple myeloma recurrence. Treatments include chemotherapy, stem cell transplant and radiation therapy.

Awareness can help an individual in following ways,

  • Help him cope with initial shock of acquiring multiple myeloma
  • Help avoid the fear and undue stress related to multiple myeloma
  • Understand his chances of survival clearly
  • Help him disclose the news to his family and friends
  • Help in arranging for resources, such as professional child care and finances for treatment

An individual who has sufficient knowledge of multiple myeloma can certainly lead healthy long life.

Increasing multiple myeloma awareness: Awareness must not be limited at an individual level. Awareness must be spread from an individual to his family as well as the society around him. In fact, awareness must become a global effort just like other forms of cancer.

Awareness can be increased by following activities,

  • Participate and organize seminars, webinars, talks and exhibitions related to multiple myeloma. Do use the opportunity to spread knowledge about multiple myeloma and its treatments.
  • Gain public support. Ask celebrities to endorse your cause. Survivors are heroes for new multiple myeloma patients do take help of multiple myeloma survivors. They can quickly connect with the public and generate a wave of multiple myeloma awareness.
  • Experts such as specialist doctors, researchers and scientists can educate the public about the gravity of multiple myeloma.
  • Take help of social workers, governmental organizations such as your local municipal or state bodies to generate awareness of multiple myeloma. Involve school and college going kids who can spread the knowledge throughout their families.
  • Use various media such television, radio, internet and newspapers to generate an interest in fighting multiple myeloma. Help generate a positive and fun atmosphere for patients suffering from multiple myeloma. Help them relieve the stress and anxiety in dealing with the disease.
  • Do spread awareness of organizations and institutions that can fund treatments. Find out resources which can provide low cost diagnostic equipment, specially for multiple myeloma

Multiple myeloma awareness can also spread by wearing special badges, wrist watches and bands, t-shirts, ribbons, buttons, hope rings, caps, jackets and pins. These must display messages that can awaken the public to the risks of multiple myeloma. Thus awareness is an ongoing and all encompassing process. You too can make a difference by spreading awareness. Do take the initiative to spread awareness.

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