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Multiple myeloma care touches every aspect of the cancer. Caring for multiple myeloma can help you slow down the progress of the disease. Multiple myeloma is often occurs in old age and seems to occur in people with similar lineage. This means if your parents suffered from multiple myeloma you must be extra careful. Why and how exactly multiple myeloma is caused is yet unknown. But taking precautions that improve your overall health and slow down the aging process can certainly help you avoid the cancer.

Multiple Myeloma care of symptoms and diagnosis:

One must rush to the doctors if one observes symptoms of multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma symptoms are similar to other bone diseases and cancers of various forms. This makes it imperative to undertake a careful observation of patient

Multiple myeloma symptoms include:

  • Pain in the bones, pain along the joints, pain around the organs near the bones, pain that seems to radiate throughout the body
  • Multiple myeloma weakens the bones which results in bone fractures, bone shape and structural deformities and osteoporosis
  • Multiple myeloma affects blood cells; this results in anemia and reduced immune response
  • Multiple myeloma affects the digestive system which results in weakening and weight loss
  • Multiple myeloma also shows symptoms such as frequent urination, infrequent bowel movements and overall reduction in proper digestion.

Thus, care must be taken to observe and report these symptoms to your doctor. Doctors suggest a wide variety of tests to ascertain the presence of multiple myeloma. One must be careful to not miss out on important tests such as blood tests, x-ray tests, bone biopsy and magnetic resonance scanning tests.

Multiple myeloma care during treatment:

Multiple myeloma treatments are costly. Treatments like stem cell transplant require special care and attention to find the perfect donor for stem cells and to pay for his services. Multiple myeloma patients must keep their insurances and financial support systems ready to take care of treatments. Remember treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy would take a whole lot of time. Therefore, plan in advance to maintain the treatment regimens. You simply cannot afford to miss out on timely treatment. Maintain a diary for keeping appointments, schedules and meetings with doctors and for your treatment days. Take help of family and friends to remind you of these on time.

Financial institutions, government agencies, charity and welfare organizations and insurance companies provide a host of services to help you out with the disease. Take care to find and seek the right sources to fund your treatment. Many organizations and hospitals provide baby care or children's care homes or old age homes for elder persons. Do make use of the extra care facilities to overcome your worries about your family.

Multiple myeloma care and family:

The role of families in treating multiple myeloma is extremely vital. Families of multiple myeloma patients must provide that extra care and attention which can help a multiple myeloma patient deal with the shock of suffering from this disease. Gently but firmly disclosing this news to the patient is difficult but an imperative task. Families must take special efforts to relieve the patient of his anxieties. Here's what families can do to help the patients,

  • Take care of his routine activities such as bath, shaving and cleaning his rooms
  • Emphasize on the positive side of multiple myeloma treatment yet make the patient aware of side effects of chemo therapy.
  • Take care that the patient's surroundings are bright, cheerful and airy or mood enhancing
  • Allow the care to extend to his family members. Do take of the patients' parents or children; treat them with respect and affection.
  • Take care that you do not let any setbacks in the treatment demoralize the patient. Take care that you make a sincere effort to understand his problems and issues. Do provide practical and logical solutions. Do look into important matters such as providing food and shelter at the right time.
Do take help from hospitals, care centers, hospices and palliative care centers as and when needed. Do work in coordination with blood banks, stem cell banks, financial institutions and charity organizations

Take care of important medical reports, medical bills and help the patient focus on the treatment.

Do show that you care for multiple myeloma by providing sponsorship for donors and patients. Do make ample efforts to organize charity events exhibitions seminars and talks about multiple myeloma.

Thus, multiple myeloma care can be expressed in various forms but first learn to care about your own body.

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