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Oral cancer awareness is very important as the disease is one of the most common forms of cancers occurring worldwide. It is one of the major forms of head and neck cancer and originates primarily in the oral cavity. Squamous cell carcinoma is the most general form of mouth cancer and almost 90% of the total oral cancer cases detected worldwide belong to this category. Oral cancer is more common in men and the numbers of cases detected in men are almost double to those detected in women. The disease is more common in adults and occurs usually when a person crosses 45 years of age.

What is oral cancer awareness?

Oral cancer is a common form of head and neck cancer and has a tendency to metastasize. Mouth cancer awareness highlights the important facts about the disease and focuses on a proper and reliable pattern of cure to eliminate cancerous tumors in time. It also gives tips to avoid recurrence of malignant growth and gives valuable information about the primary symptoms and causes of cancer.

Awareness also talks about the important tests available for proper detection and diagnosis of cancerous growth in the oral cavity and the treatment that need to be considered in various stages of the disease.

Important aspects of oral cancer awareness

Oral Cancer Awareness Risk factors of oral cancer form an important part of mouth cancer awareness. They are the ones responsible for the cancerous growth and should be understood thoroughly to avoid being infected by the disease. Tobacco chewing is very harmful for oral cavity and may cause severe damage to the normal cells and tissues present in the area. Also, intake of carcinogenic substances may damage the oral area badly and make a person susceptible to cancerous infection in the region.

Smoking is not a direct cause of the disease but can damage the tissues and cells in the head and neck areas and create conditions favorable for cancerous growth. Excess consumption of alcohol is not good for oral health. Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is also an important cause of cancerous infection in the oral cavity. The disease is caused mainly due to unsafe sex practices and should be avoided. The virus can be cured by HPV vaccine and should be eliminated at the earliest to avoid cancer attack in the mouth or other areas of head and neck. Patients who have undergone hematopoietic stem cell transplantation are more prone to cancer infection in the oral cavity and should be very particular about their medical checkup schedule.

Early signs also play an important role in awareness about mouth or oral cancer. Ulcers and infections that do not cure by regular medication should be diagnosed urgently for cancerous infection. Lips, tongue and other areas of or adjacent to mouth are the prime targets of cancer cells and should be checked for any cell abnormalities. Speaking problems, tongue pains and problems in chewing and swallowing food should not be ignored. Sores in the mouth, swelling of lymph nodes in the head and neck areas and injuries like cuts or skin cracks in the lips, tongue or any other areas near mouth or oral cavity should be diagnosed thoroughly for chances of cancerous infection.

Diagnosis techniques are a vital part of mouth cancer cure and should be understood well as a part of awareness about the disease. Biopsy of the gums and tongue areas is very helpful to detect cancerous growth in the oral cavity. Other basic tests like X-rays, MRI scan (magnetic resonance imaging) and CT scan (computed tomography) can also be used to detect and understand the severity of abnormal cell-growth.

General tips on oral cancer awareness

Oral hygiene is a key to avoid cancerous infection in the oral cavity. Proper hygiene contributes to healthy cell-growth mechanism and prevents the cells from getting abnormal. It also enables the tissues to give optimum performance and assists in smooth supply of vital resources like blood and oxygen to various parts of the body.

Weak immune system is highly dangerous for a person and paves way for smooth and rapid division of cells in the body. Mouth cancer can be primary or secondary in nature. Primary cancer is the one that originates in the oral cavity while the secondary cancer may develop in other areas of the body and reaches mouth or oral areas by the process of metastasis. A strong immune system is effective to curb cancerous growth in both types of cancers and should be supported by a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

Diet rich in vitamins, proteins and nutrients is very helpful in keeping the immunity intact and enables proper coordination between various organs of the body. This helps the normal cells and tissues present in the mouth or oral areas to resist cancerous development in time and prevent further health complications.

Oral cancer is completely curable if detected in the initial stages and treated using appropriate techniques. Radiation therapy, surgery and chemical treatment are some of the basic forms of treatments used to cure oral cancer and are recommended according to the intensity of the cancer cells. The risk of being prone to cancerous infection in the oral areas increases with the age of the person. Hence, a regular medical checkup is very important to tackle oral cancer in time and avoid its spread to other areas of the body.

Oral cancer awareness plays an important role in addressing the concerns of oral cancer victims and guides them about various dimensions of the disease. It also gives information about a kind of lifestyle to be adopted to avoid cancerous infection in the mouth or other areas adjacent to it. Awareness is equally important for those fear about recurrence of cancer attack and also helps them to recover fast from the disease.

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