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Oral cancer care is essential to deal with the disease effectively and minimize the chances of its recurrence. Care for oral cancer also helps to detect the tumors right in the early stages and avoids further health complications that may arise due to an increase in the intensity of polyps. Various forms of treatment are available to cure cancerous growth in the oral cavity. Apt treatment should be opted to curb the malignant growth at the earliest.

What is oral cancer care?

Care is a vital aspect of mouth cancer and may deal with a wide range of areas like prevention or avoidance, detection, diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment conditions of the disease. Various methods like radiation therapy, surgical patterns and chemical treatment are available to treat the cancer cells in the mouth or areas adjacent to it. But such treatments come with a number of side-effects. Exposure to chemicals and radiations may lead to severe damage in the oral cavity and cause permanent disabilities.

Mouth cancer treatments are usually harsh and tend to damage even the live and healthy tissues and cells present near the infected and treated areas. This leads to severe unrest among the normal cells located near the treated areas and forces them to behave abnormally if they fall short of vital resources like blood, oxygen, etc. Such cell abnormality is risky from the patient's point of view as it may lead to quick regeneration of tumor cells in the body. The abnormality may also spread to other vital organs like neck, brain, lungs, throat, etc by the process of metastasis and worsen the condition of the victim.

Mouth cancer care is important to track cell-behavior and curb the abnormality at the earliest. It helps to keep a check on the important causes and syndromes and enables the victim to visit a physician before the situation gets out of control. Care for oral cancer also includes the pattern of lifestyles and habits one must follow to prevent or cure cancerous infection in the mouth cavity or other nearby areas.

Dimensions of oral cancer care

Care for oral cancer can be reliable and effective if certain important factors are considered while going through the process.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is extremely dangerous for health. It is the main cause of not only the occurrence but also the recurrence of cancerous cells in the oral areas. HPV virus is transmitted in the body primarily due to unhealthy sex practices. Involvement with multiple sex-partners leads to this disorder. The virus directly attacks the victim's immune system and prevents the body cells and tissues from resisting any sorts of infections. This creates the conditions conducive for cancer cells to grow freely in the oral areas and leads to mouth cancer. Safe sex is the key to avoid HPV and various HPV vaccines are available worldwide to cure the disease effectively and permanently.

Age is an important element of mouth cancer care. The disease is more common in adults above the age of 45 and the chances of being infected by this disorder increase with age. Older people may also suffer from many other health complications that may not be necessarily cancerous but create obstacles in treating the malignant tumors effectively. Hence, age should be given due consideration while planning a care pattern for the victim. Recovery from the disease is gradual in older people as they are not able to sustain too harsh treatments.

Tobacco chewing, alcoholism and smoking are some of the major causes of mouth cancer. Consumption of tobacco has been detected as the prime cause in almost 60-65% of the overall cases detected for oral cancer. Intakes of other carcinogenic substances are also proved to impact the body badly and encourage development of cancerous tumors in the head and neck areas.

Immune system should be strong enough to resist cancerous development in the body right in the early stages. The malignant cells primarily target the body's immune system and try to minimize the resistance from normal body cells by damaging the tissues meant to produce anti-bodies and other vital resources. Hence, a person should have a strong immune system.

Exposure to sun may prove risky for a person. Complications like cracks and ulcers in the lips, skin infections in the tongue, lips, gums or other areas near the mouth should be diagnosed and treated thoroughly as a part of reliable care for mouth cancer.

Symptoms like numbness or redness in or near the lips, tongue, neck or gums should be consulted with a physician immediately and cured at the earliest. Formation of lumps in the oral cavity, neck or any other areas related to head and neck should not be ignored. Problems in swallowing, lip movements and speaking are some of the early signs of the disease and should be tackled under proper medical supervision.

Diagnosis techniques like biopsy, computed tomography (CT) scan, tongue or lip biopsy, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan and X-rays are very important in proper and early detection of cancer cells and tumors.

Balanced diet rich in nutrients should be consumed to fulfill the body requirements of proteins and vitamins in the right quantities. Healthy and active lifestyle is also important to keep a good health and to ensure proper cell-development in the body. This directly benefits the oral areas in fighting the cancerous attack in a better way as the body cells and tissues become quite resistant to the polyps and curb their growth. This is one of the most vital dimensions of oral cancer care and should be followed strictly.

Oral cancer care is quite efficient in preventing or curing cancerous generation in the oral cavity. Many oral cancer support association have been actively involved in research and search for new breakthroughs and techniques to prevent or fight the disease better. Oral cancer awareness including proper understanding of causes and symptoms of the disease is extremely important to undergo proper care pattern for the disease and minimize the sufferings.

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