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Oral cancer causes are the primary risk factors responsible for cancerous growth in the oral cavity and force the cells to behave abnormally. Mouth cancer causes may be of various kinds and may target a particular area or whole of the head and neck areas. They build a foundation for the malignant cells to grow and divide smoothly and support them in metastasis. Causes or risk factors also make a person vulnerable to other health complications and create obstructions in efficient treatment for oral cancer.

Significance of oral cancer causes

Oral cancer is one of the deadliest cancers worldwide and the numbers of cases related to this disorder are consistently on the rise. The cancer is more common in men and the numbers of cases related to mouth cancer are almost double in men as compared to women. Also, the disease is more common in adults aged over forty-five years and the risk of cancerous infection in the oral areas increases with age.

Understanding the oral or mouth cancer causes is very important to avoid cancerous infection in the head and neck areas and avoid other severe health complications that may arise due to cell abnormalities. Information about causes also helps to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. Causes can be in the form of regular habits or defects in the lifestyle of a particular person. They may be direct or indirect causes and may also depend upon the environmental factors. Hence, understanding the exact nature of causes is very important to avoid or curb them at the earliest.

Oral cancer is curable if the tumors are detected early and diagnosed in a proper manner. Severity of causes and the impact they might put on the victim's body increases with time. Tumors can be eliminated easily in the initial stages but, the situation is not the same in the later stages. Chances of complete elimination of cancer cells decrease considerably as the tumors progress into an advanced stage.

Proper knowledge of oral cancer causes helps in predicting the chances of development of malignant cells in the mouth or oral areas and help in early detection and proper diagnosis of tumors. Causes play an important role in occurrence as well as recurrence of cancer cells in the oral cavity and other areas of head and neck. Thus, understanding them may assist in curing the polyps effectively and minimize the chances of their recurrence. Causes are almost similar for the patients suffering from recurrence of malignant tumors and such persons should be very particular about their habits.

Oral cancer causes in detail

Risk factors for oral cancer are of various forms and may be direct or indirect in nature. The impact a cause may put on a person may not be same for all and primarily depends on the status of immune system in a person.

Tobacco chewing is one of the major causes of cancerous growth in the oral areas. This may lead to frequent ulcers and infections in the tongue, gums or other areas adjacent to it. Almost 3 out of 4 cases related to oral cancer are detected in those who chew tobacco or consume other products with tobacco contents.

Smoking is not a direct cause of oral cancer but may cause severe damage to lips, gums, tongue or other areas of head and neck and can pave way for early development of cancerous polyps. Also, the persons who are used to smoking are highly susceptible to severe health complications that may ultimately lead to collapse of the immune system.

Excess consumption of alcohol is highly dangerous for the body, especially the head and neck areas, and makes a person highly vulnerable to occurrence or recurrence of cancerous cells and tumors in the oral cavity. Alcoholism also helps the cancerous cells to metastasize rapidly and complicates the process of detection and diagnosis.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is an important cause of oral cancer. An unsafe sexual activity is the main cause of HPV development in the body and may damage the healthy cells and tissues severely.

Oral Sex has been recently detected as an important cause of oral cancer. According to a survey, oral sex is one of the prime causes of the development of HPV in the body. HPV is a major cause of mouth cancer in almost 60-65 % of the overall cases and thus, needs to be strictly avoided. Oral sex may also complicate the cure of ulcers and injuries that develop in the tongue, lips or other important areas of the oral cavity and may lead to development of tumors.

High exposure to sun is a direct cause of oral cancer. It may lead to irritations, skin breaks or ulcers in the lips due to consistent exposure to sun radiations and may further lead to cancerous growth if not cured efficiently.

Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation may put a person at a disadvantage and make him more prone to cancerous attack as compared to those who have not undergone such transplantation.

Late detection of tumors is an important cause of oral cancer. Most of the deaths related to the disorder are caused mainly due to lack of observation on oral cancer in the early or developmental stages.

Immune system plays an important role in oral cancer development. Bad immune system causes the healthy cells and tissues present in the oral cavity to perform inefficiently and force them to behave abnormally. Strong immune system is very important to prevent mouth cancer.

Oral cancer causes play a key role in killing healthy tissues and cells in the oral areas. Intensity of causes may vary according to the stage and chances of curability of oral cancer. Dietary patterns and lifestyle are very important to be considered while understanding the causes for oral cancer. Balanced diet rich in nutrients and a healthy and active lifestyle can minimize the chances of cell abnormality to a considerable extent.

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