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Oral cancer prevention is very important to avoid development of malignant tumors in the oral cavity and prevent the damage they may cause to the head and neck areas. Prevention also helps to detect and diagnose cell abnormalities right in the pre-cancerous stage and guarantees healthy cell-development mechanism.

Importance of oral cancer prevention

Cancerous development in the oral cavity is one of the common forms of cancerous disorders worldwide and is more common in adults aged over 45 years. The numbers of cases of the disease occurring in men are almost double to those occurring in women. The disease can be fatal after a certain stage.

In many cases, the determination of oral cancer becomes complicated because of the resemblance of the malignant cells with the normal ones. Thus, it becomes difficult to sort the infected cells from the healthy ones and deciding a proper pattern of cure becomes difficult. Also, the tumors can be benign or pre-cancerous and cancerous. Diagnosing a tumor and understanding its nature and severity is another difficult task as their nature varies with time and other changes that may occur in the victim's body.

Oral cancer is completely curable if detected in the early stages. Chances of eliminating or controlling tumor cells decrease with an increase in their intensity. Also, the cancer has a tendency to metastasize and may infect other important organs like neck, lips, gums and throat.

Treatments for oral cancer are quite harsh and may lead to severe health complications. Some of the complications may also put an irreversible impact on the person's body. Also, the chances of redevelopment of cancerous cells are high if the treatment is not taken correctly or is not in coordination with the person's response for the same.

Hence, mouth cancer prevention is very important to avoid unnecessary health complications. It also prevents vital cells and tissues from being damaged by exposure to radiations and chemicals. Mouth cancer prevention also helps to maintain a proper and efficient growth of cells and tissues and ensures sufficient generation of anti-bodies to fight infections.

Tips for oral cancer prevention

Oral cancer prevention can be effective if a person is particular about his health and consults a physician in case of any irregularities in the head and neck areas. Diagnosis of the disorder is extremely important to avoid unnecessary complications that may lead to cancerous growth.

Analyzing tumor nature is very important to confirm if the lump is a cancerous or pre-cancerous. Tumors are benign and cancerous. Cancerous tumors are highly dangerous to body cells and tissues as they replace the normal cells by the cancerous ones further leading to abnormal and uncontrollable cell division and growth. They also show a tendency to metastasize and recur. Benign tumors, on the other hand, are comparatively harmless and do not harm tissues and cells. They do not have an ability to metastasize or redevelop and can be eliminated easily. Benign tumor is also known as pre-cancerous tumor and resembles almost like a cancerous one. These tumors can turn cancerous if not treated in time. Hence, proper diagnosis of tumor is very important to prevent cancerous development in the mouth or oral areas.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the most common cause. It weakens the body's immune system and prevents the cells and tissues from working normally. HPV develops primarily due to unsafe sexual activities and can be treated by consuming HPV vaccine.

Oral hygiene forms an important part of oral cancer prevention. Good hygiene helps the cells and tissues to fight cancerous attack in an efficient manner and prevents the healthy cells from getting abnormal. Good hygiene is also important in healing ulcers or infections that may occur in the tongue, gums, lips or any other areas of the oral cavity and helps in tackling oral disorders in a better manner.

Tobacco consumption, drinking excess alcohol and smoking is quite risky for oral health. Smoking is not a direct cause of the disease but may create environment conducive for the cancerous cells to develop freely and rapidly. Hence, such habits must be avoided.

Balanced and nutritious diet rich in proteins and vitamins is necessary to keep the body's immune system intact. It also helps to fulfill the body requirements of vital resources like blood and oxygen and helps the body organs to function in a coordinated manner.

Exposure to sunlight can be risky for oral health. Too much exposure leads to infections and ulcers in the lip areas that may further lead to cancerous development. Thus, any cracks or ulcers in the lip areas should be examined thoroughly if not getting cured by usual medication.

Family or personal history of oral cancer may put a person at the risk of being prone to occurrence or recurrence of cancerous growth respectively. Such people need to undergo a regular health checkup and diagnose even the slightest of the symptoms thoroughly. Even the persons who have a medical background of head and neck cancer should be very particular about their health.

Oral cancer prevention needs to be supported by some of the most basic and contemporary diagnosis techniques like tongue biopsy, lip biopsy and gum biopsy. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans and X-rays are advantageous in understanding the intensity and scope of cancerous tumor in the oral cavity and help in early detection and treatment of tumors.

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