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Oral cancer support is very beneficial for the patients in fast recovery with minimum sufferings. Support covers a wide number of areas like treatment, research, statistics, general awareness, life duration and survival rate. Mouth cancer support can be of various forms and depends upon a few important factors.

Oral cancer support concept and significance

Support for oral cancer is an upcoming concept related to the disease. Research & Study on mouth cancer has played a considerable role in realization for supporting oral cancer. This concept has come up as a caring role shown by various cancer foundations, research organizations and treatment centers concerned with oral cancer.

Support for oral cancer is necessary to understand the sufferings and concerns of the patients and explore new breakthroughs to treat the disease more reliably and effectively. Support also plays an important role in creating mass awareness about the disease informing them about the latest developments in the field of oral cancer.

Support for oral cancer can also be in the form of free medical checkups and free counseling by oncologists or cancer specialists. Oral cancer supporting organizations may also come up with books, manuals, blogs or websites to increase the scope of their activities and communicate with people on a wider basis.

Oral cancer is a major form of cancer developing in the head and neck areas. It includes some of the vital and fatal cancers originating in the lip, tongue and tonsils. The cancer contributes to a considerable number of cancer-deaths. Almost 70% of mouth cancer deaths occur due to late detection and diagnosis or faulty treatment. Though tobacco chewing and excess alcoholism are the major causes of the cancerous development in the mouth areas, around 25% of the cases occur in people who are not habitual to intake of such carcinogenic substances.

Overall numbers of cases related to oral cancer are almost double in men as compared to women. Also, the cell abnormality is more common after the age of 45 years. Survival rate for mouth cancer is almost 90% if the cancerous development is detected in the initial stages (usually the first and second stages). Chances of survival of the patient drop to almost 20-25% if the tumors are detected in the late stages (usually the third and fourth stage).

Cancerous development in the areas of oral cavity kills approximately one person every hour everyday in the United States of America (USA). The rate of occurrence of this disease is higher in white people and marginally less in black ones. But death rate due to oral cancer is almost double in black people if we compare the number of cases with the white ones. Other basic factors like demography, lifestyle and personal or family background of the cancerous development in oral cavity also play an important role in diagnosing and treating the disease.

Support for oral cancer plays an important role in gathering information from the cancer researchers and other organizations involved in studying the disease and compile them in a manner understandable to the general public or the patients.

Common forms of oral cancer support

Publications, articles in newspapers or magazines, online counseling and seminars are the most common ways to support oral cancer patients and help them to tackle the disease effectively. These activities also act as preventive measures for those who are prone to cancerous development in the oral cavity and make them aware about the risk factors and early signs of the disease well in advance. This helps in reducing the overall number of cases related to the disease and helps in avoiding the health complications that may develop due to occurrence, treatment and recurrence of the disease. Oral cancer is highly recurrent. Support groups play an important role in addressing concerns of the victims suffering from recurrent growth and help them to go for timely medical examinations. Online discussion forums and blogs by cancer experts have come up as an effective tool to create awareness about oral cancer.

Discussions on television and radio, communities formed by the organizations or other enthusiasts on social network websites and celebration of cancer awareness day have been highly effective in making people alert and responsible. Almost all the organizations have come up with their websites to share their findings and views with the people and help them to join the movement against oral cancer.

Leading oral cancer support groups

Various types of support groups are active worldwide to make people aware about oral cancer and minimize the number of deaths caused due to the disease.

Mouth Cancer Foundation is a support organization established primarily to deal with the concerns related to mouth or oral cancer. It was established in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2004 and assists oral cancer patients to overcome their problems in the most effective way and under expert guidance. They also have a full-time helpline to be in touch with the mouth cancer victims round the clock.

Support for People with Oral and Head and Neck Cancer (SPOHNC) is another major oral cancer support organization established in the United States of America in 1991. It plays an important role in assisting the patients to recover mentally and physically in the minimum possible time period and also trains them to be their own care-takers. The organization has its own toll-free helpline and its website provides vital information about the disease.

Oral cancer foundation is a USA-based organization and plays an important role in informing people about prevention, diagnosis, breakthroughs and treatment about the disease.

Other important support groups like National Cancer Institute (USA), Macmillan Cancer Support (UK) and American Cancer Society (USA) are also well-established in supporting the causes of cancer patients including those suffering from oral cancer.

Oral cancer support is vital to decrease the cancer-deaths caused due to the disease. It assists the victims in preventive as well as curative support and helps them to opt for the right kind of treatment so that their sufferings are minimized and survival rate enhanced.

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