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Oral cancer treatment and cure is the process of curing the polyps in the most viable manner depending upon the condition of the victim and severity of the tumors. Treatment and cure pattern may differ from person to person depending upon his immune system. Stage of the disease is very important to be considered while opting for a particular form of cure as wrong or inefficient cure may result into recurrence of oral cancer.

What is oral cancer treatment and cure?

Oral cancer is one of the common and severe forms of cancers. Numbers of cases related to the disease are consistently on rise and approximately one person dies every hour in the United States of America. The disease is less common in females and the number of cases of the disease occurring in females is almost half of those occurring in males. Age is also an important factor to be considered during oral cancer treatment as the disease is more frequent in adults above 45 years of age.

Oral cancer treatment is the process of eliminating or curbing the abnormal cell-growth. The process is initiated usually after thorough detection and diagnosis of tumors. Life expectancy of the patient and survival rate of the disease primarily depends upon the type of cure pattern undergone and its effectiveness in curbing the abnormal cell-growth. Survival rate of mouth cancer is more than 90% if the disease is detected and diagnosed in the initial phases and drops to as low as 20-25% in the later phases of the disease. Also, the chances of cancer recurrence are higher if the tumors are detected late as the tumors develop a tendency to metastasize and decrease the effectiveness of the treatment.

Treatment and cure for oral cancer is very important to regenerate vital cells and tissues in the body and enable them to perform efficiently. These healthy cells and tissues are the ones who supply vital resources to various areas of the oral cavity or other areas falling within the scope of head and neck Cure is also beneficial in generating anti-bodies to fight infections and thus, help in strengthening the immune system of the victim. Strong immune system is the key to avoid or curb occurrence as well as recurrence of malignant cells in the oral areas and prevents other health complications that may occur during the tumor development.

Treatment for oral cancer can be of various forms like allopathic, ayurvedic and homeopathic and depends upon the urgency to treat tumors.

Types of oral cancer treatment and cure

Surgery is the most basic type of treatment to cure tumors that develop in the mouth areas. Operation on oral cancer can be carried out to remove either a part or whole of the organ infected by the malignant cells. Primary tumor resection, mandibular resection, partial or full thickness resection, Mohs' surgery and glossectomy are some of most effective types of mouth cancer surgeries. Type of surgery to be undergone mainly depends upon the size and intensity of tumors. It also depends upon the part of the oral cavity in which the tumor develops.

Different types of surgery are recommended for cancerous development in different organs like lips, gums, tongue, throat and neck and the survival rate as well as life expectancy can be depending upon the area. The treatment is more effective in the early phases of the disease but can also yield results in the later stages if undergone in combination with radiation or chemical therapies.

Radiation therapy is another important form of oral cancer treatment. Tumors are exposed to radiations in order to curb the abnormal growth and restrict the malignant cells in a particular area. Areas infected by tumors are the main target of the radiations. The treatment is restricted to a particular area and may also damage a few healthy cells and tissues surrounding the infected areas in order to prevent the infection from spreading further. This also helps to avoid regeneration of cancer cells in the area. The treatment comes with a high number of side-effects and may cause permanent damage to the victim.

Chemical therapy is a form of mouth cancer treatment in which the malignant tumors are treated by chemicals. Like radiation therapy, this treatment is also recommended in advanced stages of oral cancer and comes with considerable side-effects. The treatment may also affect normal body movements of the victim and make him more prone to cancerous attack in future.

Ayurvedic and homeopathic treatments are also proved to be effective in curbing cancerous growth in the oral areas. They do not produce results as fact as the allopathic pattern of cure but can play an important role in post-treatment care. They can contribute significantly in avoiding regeneration of cancer tumors in the oral areas and avoid them from progressing to an advanced stage in case they develop. Hence, such forms of cure are highly advantageous to those suffering from regeneration of mouth cancer.

Oral cancer treatment and cure can be very beneficial for people suffering from both primary as well as secondary form of the disease. Important diagnosis tests like lip biopsy. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, tongue biopsy, computed tomography (CT) scan and X-rays are useful in early oral cancer detection and examination of tumors. Paprevent or eludelliative care, supportive surgery, restorative surgery and cytoredcutive surgery are very important to reduce the sufferings of the oral cancer victim. Cure for mouth cancer should be taken only under strict medical supervision and after a thorough examination of the character and severity of the tumor cells.

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