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There has been a tremendous ovarian cancer breakthrough in medical sciences in the past few years. There have been researchers at an American University who have found a way to fight against the world's fifth most dangerous cancer in women.

A team of researchers at the University believe that the cells of ovarian cancer are very vulnerable and can be destroyed with the help of new ovarian cancer research.

This particular research was led by an American doctor who was the assistant professor in the Department of Gynecology, Reproductive Sciences and Obstetrics. In this center he found that if two genes are closed in the ovarian cancer stem cells, the cancer stops to grow/develop.

The researchers have discovered an association between ovarian cancer and stem cells when they were perusing knowledge about human embryonic stem cells. They also found that a few ovarian cancer cells have a particular protein in the stem cell, which is called as 'Lin28' and 'Oct4'. If the function of these genes is stopped the cancer will not grow.

They stated this because according to their study, they found that if these genes start to function fully they have the ability to create much more advanced ovarian cancer tumor. Reducing the combination of these two genes led to a lot of decrease in the growth of this cancer and thus increased the rate of survival of the patient. Ovarian cancer research has also led to the generation of following new therapies in the medicine world: -


    The researchers believe that this is a cancer which is caused because there are many faulty genes which are present in the body of the person who is suffering from this cancer. This ovarian cancer breakthrough also states that this can be inherited from family as well; but maximum causes according to the study are environmental factors and factors such as a damaged DNA. The Gene therapy looks at the following possibilities: -

    1. The faulty genes present in the body are removed and replaced by the healthy and good
    2. Apoptosis is a process where the cells are made to kill their own selves
    3. The immune system is targeted to destroy the cells which cause cancer
    4. The cells are made more responsive to the process of chemotherapy


    The menstrual cycle is controlled by the hormones which are produced by the ovaries; thus making them very sensitive to the hormones which are present in the body. This therapy is provided to the patients who have been having a stagnant response to the ongoing treatment of ovarian cancer. Though this therapy has not shown massive responses to the treatment but in a few women this type of therapy has worked. It has had a variable effect on women.

It is also observed that women who have reached the phase of menopause are more prone to undergo this therapy. This therapy does not give any formal evidence over the fact whether it is safe or unsafe for the women who have been through epithelial ovarian cancer. It is only because of such ovarian cancer breakthrough that the rate of survival has increased a little in the last five years. This is a cancer which affects one or both the ovaries of a woman and can be fatal because this cancer does not show any unique symptoms which can help in early detection. There should be more ovarian cancer research in the field of early ovarian cancer diagnosis so that women can find about this lethal cancer in the early stages and live a longer life.

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