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Ovarian cancer care must be taken before or after the treatment of this cancer. The rate of recurrence of this cancer is pretty high if proper guidelines are not given by the doctor to the patient or if the patient does not follow the after treatment care methods. This is a cancer which occurs in the tissue of the ovaries and can happen in either single or both the ovaries.

Ovarian cancer care after treatment: -

In many of the cases, the woman is relieved after fighting the cancer of the ovaries but the anxious challenge of worrying about recurrence of the cancer creeps in fast. The rate of recurrence of this cancer is high if it is treated at a later stage or if the cancer has spread to the nearby areas.

This is a mental fear which is present in the mind of the woman and it may take time for her to get over it. But cancer being such an evil disease it teaches a person to be strong and when an illness like cancer is survived, the fear of it recurrence will also be killed. This is the time when cancer care is needed the most. One should keep a watch on the day to day activities, the diet, take adequate rest, if there is any other side effect or change in the body. If such things are not observed and if any thing else comes up at a later stage, it may get very stressful for that individual.

Follow-up and care

There is always an after treatment ovarian cancer care schedule specifically made for the patient after keeping in mind various aspects of the woman. These aspects may be the age, health, the spread of the tumor; type of treatment given etc. this can also be termed as an observation which the doctor wants to keep. You need to go in for specific check ups on a regular basis after regular intervals, take up a few drugs and observe precautions. This is the time when the doctor wants to know if there are any changes in the body after the treatment or if there is any sort of issues you are facing. You may have to undergo a few lab tests, x-rays and exams so that the doctor can see the healing process and changes in the body. There are many side effects which are present after the treatment of ovarian cancer is done. They can last for a very long time or for a short time. This too will depend on the type of treatment given to the patients and the spread and size of the tumor.

The most common follow-up for ovarian cancer care involves a blood tests and exams conducted by a general practitioner. These are the tests that determine if there is any chance of recurrence of ovarian cancer in the body or if there is any abnormal growth in any other part of the body. This is termed as metastasis of cancer. A specific tumor marker called as 'CA-125' is used to do an accurate follow up in the women who have had epithelial type of ovarian cancers. It is not very expensive test. The woman who suffered with germ cell tumors, specific blood tests for human chronic gonadotropin (HCG) and alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) are done. Levels of hormones such as inhibin, testosterone and estrogen, are sometimes helpful for women with stromal cancers.

Ovarian cancer care is necessary for women who have completely undergone the treatment of removal of this cancer. This may be a long process and frequent visits to your doctor may haunt you for years. It is important to keep in mind the type of treatment which needs to be done to remove the cancer as it is a very sensitive part of the body. Malfunctioning of these organs can cause a lot of damage to the life of the woman.

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