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The exact ovarian cancer causes still remain unidentified in medical history however doctors have managed zero in on certain pointers that may increase susceptibility to the cancer. This is a cancer which affects the ovaries, which is a reproductive organ in a woman. This cancer is observed in women who are almost 45 years of age and above and have reached the stage of menopause. If facts are to be believed, this is a cancer which develops more commonly in women who reside in developed countries.

The factors that are known for causing this cancer are: -

  • A regular/heavy smoker
  • A regular/heavy smoker
  • A pre-menopausal woman who is over weight or obese
  • A woman who has endometriosis
  • A woman who has started her menstruation cycle at an early stage and has had a menopause later than the regular age
  • A small amount of ovarian cancer causes include the inheritance of faulty genes in the body. These genes are called as (BRCA1) and (BRCA2). These two genes in the body are a cause of ovarian as well as breast cancer in a woman. When these genes were identified, they were detected in the families who have had a running history of breast cancer. An inherited syndrome called hereditary non plyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC) is also a cause of this cancer being generated in the body.
  • If any woman has been diagnosed with breast, colon, rectum or uterus cancer she has higher risk of developing ovarian cancer
  • The risk of developing ovarian cancer rises as a woman gets older. This is a cancer which mainly develops after the menopause. But then again this is not the only situation when this cancer can take place
  • Women who have never been pregnant are at a very high risk of developing this cancer.
  • If a woman is undergoing a Hormone replacement therapy for menopause, she is at an increased risk of this cancer. There is a link between the premenopausal therapy & ovarian cancer. This has not yet been proved but ovarian cancer research to establish this link is in progress

The non confirmed risks to this cancer are:

  • A woman who has undergone a treatment for fertility
  • A woman who uses heavy quantity of talcum powder on a daily basis

These causes are not yet confirmed, and the cause due to fertility treatment is also almost ruled out in medicine world.

The cancer proves out to be less common in the women who have: -

  • Used a contraceptive pill in their life, or constantly uses a contraceptive pill
  • Have had children (two or more). It is believed that more the children lesser the risk of gaining this cancer
  • Have breastfed the child for the specified duration
  • Has had a hysterectomy

There are many types of cancers which are caused in the ovaries. The causes of these ovarian cancers differ from one another: -

  1. Cancer that begins in the cells on the outside of the ovaries: - This type of cancer is called as epithelial tumor. This is a cancer which begins to develop in the thin layer (covering) of the ovaries. This is the most common type of ovarian cancer.
  2. Cancer that begins in the egg-producing cells: - This type of cancer is called as germ cell tumors. This is a cancer which is seen in young women aged between 30 to 35 years.
  3. Cancer that begins in the hormone-producing cells: - This is a cancer which is called as stromal tumor. This is a cancer which produces hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone and develops in the ovarian tissue.

Ovarian cancer causes are not well defined; thus this is a cancer which can happen to any lady and one can say any time after she is 40 years of age. One should be cautious and should visit a gynecologist on a regular basis to keep a check on the body and maintain a healthy life. It is important to know about what can cause this problem, and to work on it as this is the only factor in your hands. The women who have had a family history of this cancer must take special care.

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