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In simple words prognosis is nothing but a prediction that is made for the disease and what will it become in the course of time. The condition of the patient plays a very important role in getting to know the correct ovarian cancer prognosis and life expectancy. This condition will determine the type of treatment which needs to be performed on the woman to get rid of the fifth most common cancer of the world which affects the women. The prognosis and the life expectancy will also differ keeping in mind the stage at which the cancer was detected.

So, what is Ovarian Cancer?

When the cells of the ovaries become malignant and multiply in an uncontrolled manner, they start to harm the ovaries and give rise to ovarian cancer. It is not necessary that this cancer affects both the ovaries at the same time; it can affect even one ovary and can be fatal. Many deaths are caused due to ovarian cancer in the United Sates of America; thus making it the fifth largest cancer, affecting women. Women over the age of 70 years are more prone to this cancer. Also if they have had a family history of this cancer or have had an ovarian cyst they are prone to this cancer.

The symptoms of Ovarian Cancer: -

In many of the cases the symptoms of ovarian cancer go overlooked by a woman. This is a cancer which also is known as a silent killer as it does not show any major signs in the early stages of ovarian cancer and is detected mostly in or after stage 2. The most common symptoms include swelling in the abdomen, pain during intercourse, problems with bowel movements, indigestion, gas, unexplained weight gain or weight loss, and tiredness .The only symptom, which will give a hint to a woman, is the severe pain she feels at the time of intercourse. The pain is unbearable. Though, not many woman pay attention to this symptom because e they feel that this can be caused because of low lubrication or no arousal at that particular time.

This is a cancer which has high chances of a wrong diagnosis many a times. This is solely because this cancer does not spread in the initial stages and does not show any change in the ovaries when diagnosed. Even though there is some growth which is visible in the ovaries, they may not be malignant and could be an infection.

Ovarian cancer prognosis and life expectancy

As soon as this cancer is detected in any woman, the first question that she asks the doctor is what is her life expectancy? This will majorly depend upon the type of treatment which the doctor suggests and the stage at which this cancer is detected. This type of treatment will differ with respect of the age and the over all health of the woman. The ovarian cancer prognosis and life expectancy will depend and differ as it depends on many factors such as stage, type of cancer, location and affected area.

The facts and figures of ovarian cancer life expectancy and prognosis are not very good. If statistics are to be believed, only 40 % women are able to fight this cancer. The main reason behind this is the late detection of ovarian cancer. Thus it is not even in the hands of the doctor to save the patient because e the cancer has spread to other major parts of the body.

If ovarian cancer has been a part of the women in the family, the precautions by every woman in the family must be taken from the beginning. If any abnormal changes are observed in the body, one should not side line them and should go see a doctor as soon as possible. If this cancer is detected in the initial stages it is easy to treat and the life expectancy of the woman is also high. If it is identified in the later stages recovery becomes impossible with passing time.

Ovarian cancer life expectancy and prognosis by stage: -

If the cancer has affected just the ovaries, it is an indication that the cancer is only in the early stage. On such occasions,the life expectancy is very high and is up to 90 %. When the cancer spreads to the pelvis, then the prognosis and the life expectancy drops to about 66%. If the cancer has reached beyond the pelvis, then the prediction of the doctor for the life of the patient will not be more than 35 %. All of this can be predicted only with the help of treatment of this cancer. Once the treatment is done only then will doctor understand the state of the cancer in the body.

The ovarian cancer prognosis and life expectancy is difficult to analyze because this cancer does not show its signs in its early stages, and thus becomes a cause of concern for various doctors, researchers and patients. The only way to live a longer life and get a good prognosis is that one should never ignore any change s in the body after the age of 55 years and visit a doctor before it gets too late.

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