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Ovarian cancer prevention can happen when one knows the exact cause of this cancer; but cause of ovarian cancer is not yet very clear. As this is the biggest issue with this cancer, it becomes very difficult for a woman to be cautious about this disease and to take the necessary preventive measures. No effective screening tests are available. This is a cause of concern for every woman and thus the question of how to prevent ovarian cancer arises.

Following are the preventive measures a woman can adopt against ovarian cancer: -

  1. Dietary Factors

    Diet plays a very important role. A person should adopt a healthy diet so that the immunity system can build up and one can have the resistance to fight against such illnesses. The western culture involves a lot of meat (red), fats and sugar in their daily meals. This is a cause of obesity in many people and especially women. Though it is believed antioxidant compounds which are present in vegetables, fruits tea and in plants are very effective in preventing this cancer. These compounds are termed as flavonoids. Also the oils which contain omega3 are considered as very healthy. It is always believed that what you eat carries a lot of risk and so it is necessary to be careful about what you consume and also avoid fast food and high fat foods.

  2. Pain Relievers/killers

    Pain relievers such as Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are considered to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. How do they reduce the risk of ovarian cancer is not very clear as of now, but it is believed that the use of these pain killers helps in reducing the ovulation by creating a biochemical effect on the COX-2 pathway.

  3. Pregnancy and Oral Contraceptives

    Consumption of oral contraceptives and conceiving has proved to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. This happens because, pregnancies or oral contraception makes the ovaries inactive and they are in a non ovulation state. This is the reason as to why the risk of ovarian cancer is reduced.

  4. Surgical Options

    Tubal ligation is the new topic for research and studies have shown that this method reduces the risk of ovarian cancer. But this is not a method which is solely recommended by the gynecologist. This is a method which is used for various other reasons rather than just ovarian cancer prevention. Same is the case with hysterectomy i.e. when the ovaries are not removed. This is a preventive measure but how it helps is still not clear or under research

    The second way of preventing ovarian cancer is by removing the ovaries with the help of surgery. This is a method which is used on women who are at high risk and have ovarian cancer running in the family. This is one of the most common surgeries done for preventing this cancer. This surgery is recommended to people who have been tested with the following genes: - a) BRCA1 b) BRCA2. This type of surgery allows staying protected forever because the organ which has the cancer is completely removed from the body.

    Studies have shown that this is a method which allows high protection against ovarian cancer. It is believed that 99 percent of ovarian cancers are reduced because of removal of ovaries. But a cancer which is called as primary peritoneal cancer can still occur even if the ovaries are removed. This is a cancer which affects the lining of the abdomen and is caused because of the hormones secreted by the ovaries. It is necessary to take precautions because this is a cancer which does not have any early signs so that it can be treated in the initial stages.

  5. Vitamin A

    A synthetic vitamin A called as Fenretidine is stated to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer in a woman. This information is derived from various types of experimental studies including animal data, epidemiologic data and clinical trials. To be 100% sure there are various types of clinical trials which are going on over this particular subject.

    Ovarian cancer prevention is important because this cancer causes a lot of deaths if it is not diagnosed on time. In most of the cases, this cancer is diagnosed after stage 2 where it has already spread to an organ beyond the ovaries. A person should be aware of what causes this cancer and what are the symptoms that can occur in this cancer? It is necessary to be abreast with these important aspects because this cancer is also termed as a silent killer as it does not show any indication. This is a correct example of the saying 'prevention is better than cure'.

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