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Ovarian cancer recurrence will depend upon the stage at which the cancer is detected and then treated. This is a cancer which is called a silent killer as it does not show any early signs and symptoms of ovarin cancer and thus is rarely detected in the early stages of cancer. This is also one of the reasons why this cancer is considered as lethal and is the fifth most common cancer affecting women all across the world. The average age of this cancer affecting the women is 45 years but in most of the cases, it has affected women of 60 years or more.

There are three ways for ovarian cancer recurrence.They are as follows: -

  1. Recurrence During or Immediately After Treatment

    The malignancy is termed as "platinum refractory" if the cancer has reoccurred during the treatment or just after the treatment. This case happens when the patient does not respond to the therapies which are given to them after the surgery takes place. In such cases, an extra session of chemotherapy will be given to the patients but no surety on removal of cancer from the body can be given. The chances by itself are very low. Many various types of drugs are available for this treatment and one should visit the doctor as soon as some changes are seen in the body.

  2. Recurrence within Six Months

    The tumor is called as "platinum resistant" if the cancer ovarian cancer recurrence has happened within six months of the initial treatment. This may happen right after the sessions of chemotherapy or during the ongoing sessions of chemotherapy. But in this type of recurrence, repeat surgery is not very commonly recommended. It does not do any wonders in improving the situation of the patient. These are: Doxil, Gemzar and Topotecan. Many combination surgeries have also been experimented to treat the cancer which occurs within six months. But this will depend on the recommendation of the doctor. It is the doctor who will suggest specific drugs and treat the recurrent cancer. There is a time when the doctor can also start some aggressive sessions of chemotherapy but then again as the cancer has reoccurred so early, it gets difficult to remove it completely and also the quality of life may come down drastically. This is an important factor and the doctor needs to pay high attention while giving the treatment.

  3. Recurrence after six months: -

    The tumor is considered to be 'platinum sensitive' if it has reoccurred in the initial or after six months. This can happen within a year. This will happen if the treatment which was performed had the drugs Carbo-platin or Cis-platin in it. A secondary cytoreduction is performed if the cancer has reoccurred. This surgery helps in removing the maximum spread of cancer in the body again. Gynecologic oncologists recommend this treatment if the cancer has again occurred within two years of the treatment. This treatment will also be given if there is any sort of mass or lump felt with a touch or while a scan is done of the patient again. When the secondary cytoreduction surgery is performed, most of the oncologists suggest the treatment should be done with the help of the same drugs which were used in the first surgery of the cancer. This is more common if the ovarian cancer recurrence has happened after a year. If the cancer recurrence has happened just after six months but before a year, the new treatment can be done with medicines like Taxol and Cis-Platinumor/ Carbo-Platin.

Ovarian cancer recurrence will depend upon the type of treatment given and the severity of drugs given to the body. This is a cancer which will start affecting all the other body parts of the body as well if the reoccurred cancer is not removed from the body. The treatment should not be very aggressive but should be able to remove the cancer as well as the cancer causing elements from the body so that the chances of re-occurrence are minimized.

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