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Ovarian cancer support is necessary because this is a very dangerous form of cancer and can take a while to heal and the woman who has suffered this cancer can lose her confidence completely in the recovery period. This is the time when family, friends and relatives should support the woman to the fullest. Ovarian cancer is the cancer of the ovaries which can develop in a woman any time after the age of 55 years. This cancer can develop in one or both the ovaries. It starts by developing in the tissues of the ovaries and then the inner layer of the ovaries. This is a cancer which is known as a silent killer because it does not have many early symptoms. In spite of this, it is the fifth largest gynecological cancer across the world. It gets tough to treat this cancer at a later stage because it has reached in the deepest layer of the ovaries and has also metastasized. Ovarian cancer is responsible for about 26 percent of all gynecological cancers; and is the reason for cause of highest amount of death rates in the woman of the world. This is a very dangerous type of cancer. It has fast metastasis.

Ovarian Cancer Support Groups: -

Support groups are very important in today's world as these are the most important coping tools for a woman. In these groups, the women are facing the same issue and thus can relate to one another in a better way. They can understand the issues which the other woman is dealing with and then can come down to a better solution of the problem. It is a better way of leading a healthy life after the treatment on ovarian cancer, as this is a cancer which is very common in older women and in almost all the parts of the world, there are many NGOs who work for the betterment of the woman and take special care of them. Many a times, it is also seen that many activities are done for the betterment of the woman. In many cases, these activities involve her family members as well.

Physical Activities:-

This is a very important part in recovery from any sort of cancer. Physical activities help the woman to gain the lost strength. This is a very common activity which is performed by the ovarian cancer support groups. The woman should be physically fit so that she can live a healthy and a safe life. The rate of recurrence of ovarian cancer also gets lower if the woman is physically fit. This is the first thing any doctor would suggest while giving you a cancer treatment. Exercises for cancer patients can be walking, stretches or gardening and cleaning the house. But it is always said, do what suits you and do not try very hard!

Complementary Therapies: -

As the name suggests a complementary therapies are treatments which are given to the patients suffering from this cancer along with the main treatment. These are very short therapies and are treated like an added advantage for healing the damage caused by the original treatment. These therapies do not have severe side effects and are not very expensive either. Many mind and body techniques like yoga, aerobic and tai-chi (martial are form) are also taught to the women. It is necessary for the patient to feel relaxed and good.

Social Networking or maintaining a journal or diary: -

This is a new trend which is being followed across the world in a very positive way. With the help of social networking, people try to keep in touch with the women who are suffering from the same ailment in some other part o the world. A lot of support is rendered with the help of the internet. Some woman also maintain a personal benefit chart which helps to keep a track of what has been their progress in spite of doing so many activities and being a regular part of the ovarian cancer support group.

Ovarian cancer support is needed for every woman who has suffered from this cancer. The support groups help the woman to live a healthy lifestyle as they try to teach the woman how to overcome the trauma they have gone through during the treatment of this cancer. It is also important for the woman to know what she should do to bring back the lost confidence.

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