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The pancreatic cancer occurs due to the formation of cells, which are cancerous, in the pancreas tissues of an individual. The other term used for pancreatic cancer is 'exocrine cancer'. There are two types of pancreatic cancer. Namely:

  • Adenocarcinoma- It is a cancer type that forms in the pancreas component known as the exocrine.

  • Neuroendocrine tumor- It is a cancer type that forms in the islet cells.

The pancreas is an organ present in the human body which is situated deep inside. It stomach is located in front of the pancreas. The pancreas is almost 2inches wide and 6 inches long. It is somewhat like a fish-shaped structure.

The pancreas has different types of glands, such as the endocrine and the exocrine glands. The endocrine cells are present in smaller amount in the pancreas. The cluster of these cells is known as the islets. They prepare insulin, which are hormones that help in balancing the content of the sugar in the blood. Many of the pancreas cells are part of the exocrine systems. The exocrine glands perform the function of making the pancreatic juice. The juice they prepare contains certain enzymes that break down the proteins and the fats content in the food so that the human body can use it.

Pancreatic cancer awareness:

The pancreatic cancer is supposed to be the fourth most common type of cancer that can cause death to human beings because of its occurrence. The reason why more and more people fall prey to pancreatic cancer is the lack of pancreatic cancer awareness.

In order to make people properly informed about the cancer, it is necessary to spread awareness about the disease. The pancreatic cancer awareness brings into focus the causes and symptoms of the cancer in the pancreas. Awareness is important to make everyone know the basic factors of the disease.

  • Pancreatic cancer causes: Some of the pancreatic cancer causes are as follows:

    Smoking cigarettes- Cigarette smoking is one of the most invasive factors that maximize the risk of a person developing the cancer in his pancreas. It has been observed that smoking alone adds to 25% risk of causing the pancreatic cancer in human beings. Gender- The pancreatic cancer is more common or more likely to affect men than women

    Genetics- Like most of the diseases, the pancreatic cancer can also cause because of the genetic factors. If any of the parents of a person has faced or is facing the pancreatic cancer, it is very likely that the child can also develop a cancer in his pancreas.

    Diet: A diet that includes high proportions of meat, nitrosamines and food which is fried and has a lot of cholesterol increases the risk of causing the cancer cells in the pancreas

  • Pancreatic cancer symptoms: There are some typical signs which act as the symptoms for pancreatic cancer and help in knowing whether the cancer cells have been formed in a person's body or are in the verge of formation. Some of the pancreatic cancer symptoms are:

    Problems of digestion: If the cancer cells are formed in the pancreas, they do not allow the release of pancreatic juice into a person's intestine. Due to this, an individual may fail to digest his fatty food. As a result, his stools can be bulky, pale etc. It can also result into vomiting, nausea etc.

    Jaundice: A condition where the patient's skin and eyes appear to be yellow is called as jaundice. It is a result of bilirubin build up, which is prepared in the liver. Jaundice is the most common symptom in the pancreatic cancer.

    Swollen gallbladder: Many a times, the enlargement of the gallbladder can be a symptom of the cancer in the pancreas. This can be seen by the doctor in the imaging tests.

The pancreatic cancer should be treated at the right time. Once the patient sees any symptoms present in him, he must approach the doctor. To know the symptoms or the causes of pancreatic cancer, the pancreatic cancer awareness is necessary.

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