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Pancreatic cancer is caused due to the formation of cancer cells in a person's pancreas. The pancreas of an individual is located near his stomach. The structure of the pancreas is somewhat like a fish. It is approximately 6 inches and 2 inches long and wide respectively.

The pancreatic cancer care is a very important issue as the cancer cells in the pancreas result to be very invasive and disastrous for the human health. As per the location of the cancer cells, the cancer in the pancreas is subdivided into two categories. Namely the 'adenocarcinoma' and the 'neuroendocrine tumor'.

  • Neuroendocrine tumor: The neuroendocrine tumor occurs when the location of the cancer cells formation is the islet cells.

  • Adenocarcinoma: The adenocarcinoma occurs when the location of the cancer cells is in the component of the pancreas known as the exocrine

    The pancreas is an important part of the human digestive system. It has two types of glands present in it that perform the essential functions for the human body. The types of glands in the pancreas are:

  • Endocrine glands- The endocrine glands are present in a very less quantity in the pancreas. The group or the cluster of the endocrine glands is named as the 'islet cells'. They perform the function of creating or preparing the insulin that is a very important component for a person's body.

  • Exocrine glands- The exocrine glands are present in much more quantity than the endocrine glands. They do the necessary functions for preparing the pancreatic juice in the human body.

    Pancreatic cancer care: With the growing rate of pancreatic cancer patient's every year, it has become very necessary to spread the correct pancreatic cancer care measures. These care measures help the healthy people to avoid the risk of getting infected with the cancer. It also proves to be helpful in avoiding the pancreatic cancer recurrence for the people who have already diagnosed themselves from the cancer. Below mentioned are certain care measures that are essential for avoiding the development or recurrence of the cancer cells in a person's pancreas.

  • Awareness- The most important factor is the awareness about pancreatic cancer. If people are well aware about pancreatic cancer then they can prevent themselves from creating the risk of getting infected with it.

  • Smoking- People who smoke, increase the risk of cancer development in their pancreas. While smoking, they take in the harmful toxic substances present in the cigarettes. These substances include nicotine as well as some other health damaging substances.

  • Age- Ageing is a factor that increases the risk of getting infected with various diseases. Pancreatic cancer is one of them. After attaining the age of 60 years, people must take proper health care in order to stay fit and lead a healthy life.

  • Medical checkup- People who have already cured themselves from the pancreatic cancer, are expected to undergo medical checkups after regular intervals. It is pancreatic cancer care measure in order to know whether there are chances of recurrence of the cancerous cells.

  • Hereditary- One of the reasons behind the cause of pancreatic cancer is the hereditary factor. People whose either parents has already suffered from this disease are very likely to develop the cancer cells in their pancreas. Hence, it is necessary to understand this and practice the medical check up to avoid this disease at later stage of the life.

  • Diet- A person must take care that his dietary intake includes the consumption of healthy food stuff. It should include carbohydrates, proteins etc in the correct proportion. Taking care of a complete diet is necessary.

The pancreatic cancer care is useful to avoid the formation of the cancer cells in an individual's pancreas. These pancreatic cancer care measures should be understood and brought into practice at the correct time to avoid the further complications in life regarding the health issues.

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