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A type of cancer that gets formed in an individual's pancreas is known as the esophageal cancer. The cancer is formed due to the formation of the abnormal cells in the pancreas tissues of the patient.

The pancreas is an organ located behind a person's stomach. Its length is almost 6 inches. It is a fish like structure that is somewhat spongy. The pancreas is one of the parts of the digestive system. The pancreas consists of two types of glands known as 'the exocrine and endocrine glands'.

  • Exocrine glands: Most of the cells in the pancreas are a part of the exocrine glands. The function of the exocrine glands is to produce pancreatic juice. The juice prepared by the exocrine glands contains particular type of enzymes which perform the function of breaking down the fat content and the protein present in the dietary intake so that it can be used by the human body.
  • Endocrine glands: There are a fewer number of endocrine cells in the pancreas as compared to the exocrine glands . The endocrine cells form a cluster which is called as the islets. The function of the endocrine glands is to prepare insulin, a hormone, which helps to properly balance the sugar content in the blood.

The pancreatic cancer is said to be the fourth largest type of cancer which kills many people every year. The pancreatic cancer is more common in men than women. Like all other cancers, the cancer in the pancreas is also not infectious. Which means that it cannot be passed from one person to another. In order to avoid the formation of cancer cells in the pancreas, people must know the risk factors for the cancer in the pancreas or the pancreatic cancer causes.

Pancreatic cancer causes:

The pancreatic cancer has its causative agents like all other diseases have. To reduce their risk of developing pancreatic cancer, people should be aware of the factors which cause the disease. Some of the pancreatic cancer causes are:

  • Smoking- Smoking is a harmful addiction among people. Smoking is a causative agent for many types of diseases pancreatic cancer being one of them. Smoking increases a person's likelihood of developing cancer cells in the pancreas by almost 20 %.

  • Hereditary- Many times, the cause behind the presence of cancerous cells in the pancreas can be hereditary. It means if either of the parents of the patient has been diagnosed with the pancreatic cancer, then there are high chances that the child will also suffer from the cancer in his pancreas.

  • Diet - It is believed that consuming sugar, processed or red meat and fats in your dietary intake can increase the susceptibility to pancreatic cancer.

  • Medical history- Having a history of pancreas inflammation for a long period of time (chronic pancreatitis), stomach ulcers, pancreatitis which is hereditary and diabetes or any other type of cancer increases the risk of developing the cancer in the pancreas

  • Obesity- Being overweight or obese increases the possibility of suffering from pancreatic cancer in near future

  • Age- As per the increasing age of people, the risk of pancreatic cancer also increases. It is observed that middle aged people and above are more likely to develop pancreatic cancer than those who are younger. 75% people who develop the cancer in their pancreas are aged more than 65 years of age.

In order to lead a healthy and disease free life, people must avoid getting infected with the harmful diseases. Pancreatic cancer is one such harmful type of disease. To avoid the cancer in the pancreas, people should be aware of the causes of pancreatic cancer. If they are well aware about the pancreatic cancer causes, they can prevent the formation of this disease in their body.

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