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Formation of the cancer cells in the patient's pancreas causes a health damaging situation known as pancreatic cancer. The pancreatic cancer is caused due to the abnormal cells in the pancreas which multiply or spread within no time.

As per the place of formation of the cancer cells, the pancreatic cancer is divided into two types. They are:

  • Adenocarcinoma- The adenocarcinome is a situation when the cancer cells get formed in the pancreas component known as the exocrine
  • Neuroendocrine tumor- The neuroendocrine tumor is a situation where the cancer cells get formed in the islet cells of the patient

About the pancreas:

The pancreas is an important organ of the human body which is situated behind the stomach. The shape of the pancreas is like a fish and it has a spongy appearance. The pancreas which measures about 6 inches long and almost 2 inches wide forms a part of the human digestive system. The pancreas constitutes of two types of glands. The glands are:

  • Endocrine glands: The quantity of the endocrine glands in the pancreas is comparatively lower. They form a cluster which is named as the 'islet cells'. The endocrine glands prepare insulin in the human body that helps to balance the sugar content in the blood.
  • Exocrine glands: The exocrine glands are present in greater abundance in the pancreas than the endocrine glands. The exocrine glands perform the function of preparing the pancreatic juice.

The pancreatic cancer is on the fourth position among all the types of cancers that endanger human health. A study shows that the pancreatic cancer has been observed to affect more males than females. It is therefore necessary to use our knowledge about pancreatic cancer and causes of pancreatic cancerin order to work towards its prevention.

Pancreatic cancer prevention:

The pancreatic cancer prevention consists of the preventive measures that should be taken to avoid the cancer in pancreas. The pancreatic cancer preventive measures also help to stop the cancer from recurring or spreading further in the pancreas and to other body parts of the patient. Below mentioned are a few pancreatic cancer prevention options that must be properly followed.

  • Healthy weight: Maintaining a weight which is healthy enough is a pancreatic cancer prevention measure. If a person has a healthy weight, maintaining it is very necessary. If the patient feels that it is necessary to reduce the weight, he should work on slowly reducing it. A healthy diet along with a good exercise can help for the same. A healthy diet means a diet that is rich in minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats.

  • Quit smoking: Quitting the habit of smoking is the most important factor which helps to prevent the cancer in the pancreas. It is a very harmful daily activity which is more common in the men than women. The fact cannot be denied that smoking increases the risk of getting infected with the pancreatic cancer by almost 20%.

  • Choose a healthy diet: A healthy diet which includes fruits is absolutely necessary to maintain optimal health. Whole grains also play an important part in making the diet very healthy. It gives the body all the required constituents in the correct amount.

  • Exercise most days of the week: Exercising keeps the human body very fit. It also keeps people active and fresh. One must have an aim of exercising for atleast half an hour a day. People who are not used to exercise must slowly start exercising daily.

The pancreatic cancer prevention helps to reduce the risk of the cancer formation in the human body. Even if the cancer is already formed, it helps to prevent it from spreading further. People who have been already diagnosed with the cancer in the pancreas, can use the pancreatic cancer prevention methods to avoid the recurrence of pancreatic cancer.

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