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One of the many types of harmful cancer is the pancreatic cancer. This cancer type occurs in the person's pancreas, hence being called as the pancreatic cancer. It is the formation of the cancer cells in the patient's pancreas that results into the pancreatic cancer. 'Exocrine cancer' is the other name for the pancreatic cancer.

Based on the place of their formation, the pancreatic cancer is divided into two types, which are:

Adenocarcinoma- The cancer cells getting formed in the component of the pancreas known as the exocrine in called as the 'adenocarcinoma'.

Neuroendocrine tumor- The cancer cells getting formed in the islet cells is known as the 'neuroendocrine tumor'.

In recent times, the medical researchers have found new breakthroughs and research results with respect to the pancreatic cancer. The reason behind the pancreatic cancer research and breakthrough is the harmful impact that the cancer has been showing on its patients. The location of the pancreas is deep inside the human body. The stomach of a person is located in front of his pancreas. The length of the pancreas is supposedly 6 inches long and 2 inches wide. It has a fish like structure.

There are different types of glands that are present inside the pancreas. They are the endocrine and the exocrine glands. They are describes in brief below.

Endocrine glands: The cells of the endocrine glands are present in a small amount inside the pancreas. These cells form a cluster that is known as the 'islet cells'. These prove to be helpful in preparing the insulin for the human body.

Exocrine glands: The exocrine gland cells are present in a greater amount in the esophagus. They perform the function of preparing the pancreatic juice.

Pancreatic Cancer Research and Breakthrough:

The pancreatic cancer is a rare form of cancer. It proves to be an invasive as well as a harmful agent for the patient's health. As a result, some medical researchers have come to a conclusion of the pancreatic cancer research and breakthrough. They have discovered various new aspects of the disease. Some of them can be mentioned below.

  • Novel immune therapy- It has been observed that the survival rate for the patients who are surviving from the first five years of the pancreatic cancer diagnosis is almost 5%. As a result, an Irish doctor named as 'Peter O'Dwyer' made a research on a new therapy for the pancreatic cancer patients. This therapy targets the patient's pancreatic cancer mortar rather than the pancreatic cancer bricks.

  • Vitamin D- A new research in the pancreatic cancer has shown that the risk of pancreatic cancer is reduced with the help of vitamin D. People who lack the presence of the vitamin D in them are very likely to develop the cancer cells in their pancreas.

  • Survival rate- It has been observed that people suffering from the last stage of the pancreatic cancer can survive for almost a year with the help of diagnosis. People who don't undergo treatment in their last stage can survive at the most for six months.

  • 5-flourourcil (5-FU) - A research shows that using the drug 5 flourourcil with the combination of another drug like the gemcitabine or chemotherapy drug helps to treat the cancer cells in the pancreas more effectively.

  • Genes- It is important to study why the occurrence of the cancer cells in the pancreas is caused due to the genetic reasons. It has been hypothesized that such people succeed in suffering the pancreatic cancer as they carry the mutations in a gene which many a times results into the pancreatic cancer.

  • Targeted therapies- After understanding the detailed difference between the cancer cells and the normal cells, the researchers have started the development of new therapies and drugs. The targeted therapies are one of them. In this therapy, only the cancer cells are targeted and destroyed leaving the normal and healthy cells behind. It has been observed that these therapies shown lesser side effects than some other treatment methods.

As a result, the pancreatic cancer research and breakthrough elements are proving to be very necessary in order to find newer methods and factors that help to cure the disease. They are also necessary to identify the disease at the right time.

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