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Penile cancer awareness gives knowledge about the main aspects of the cancer of penis. It makes you aware of the main risk factors and early signs of the disease and also focuses on various treatments available to tackle cancerous growth in the penile areas. Awareness about penile cancer is important to understand the disease well and take the necessary preventive or curative measures before the malignant polyps reach an advanced stage and cause severe damage to the body.

Penile cancer awareness in detail

Penile cancer is a form of malignant growth in the penis and the tumors may also invade other vital organs like testis, prostate (prostate cancer awareness) or the abdominal areas. Almost 90% of the cases of penile cancer belong to squamous cell carcinoma type and the tumor develops usually in the glans (area near the tip or upper end of penis) or the foreskin (skin covering the glans). The disease is not a common form of cancer and occurs in just 1 out of every 100,000 men in the United States of America (USA) and Europe. The disease is more common in less developed areas like South America and Africa. As the cancer develops mainly in the penis, it occurs only in men.

Age is an important factor influencing the occurrence of penile cancer. The disease is widespread in people above 60 years of age and the risk of malignant growth in the penis increases with age. Other health issues like AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) may increase the risk of getting infected by malignant growth in the penis.

Tumors formed in the penile cancer have tendency to metastasize and may get severe if not eliminated in time. Penile cancer does not have a very decent survival and life expectancy rate. According to the American Cancer Society, just 85% of the people survive for 5 or more years if the tumors are detected in the first stage. Situation gets severe in the second or third stages and the survival rate dips considerably to 59% if the tumors reach lymph nodes. Survival rate is the lowest for the fourth stage and is mere 11% if the tumors travel through the lymph nodes to distant organs of the body.

Penile cancer risk factors

Penile cancer causes are the main components of penile cancer awareness. HPV influences the growth of cancer cells in the penis to a great extent and needs to be treated at the earliest. Various HPV vaccines are available to get rid of the viral infection. Unsafe sex practice is the prime cause of HPV and should be avoided. Smoking is also an important cause of penile cancer and should be kept under control. Poor penile hygiene may cost dearly to the person and make him the victim of penile cancer. Treatment of psoriasis in the penile areas by passage of ultra-violet rays may pose a threat to the person and increase the chances of cancerous disorder in the penis. Undergoing circumcision surgery at birth may defend a person from penile cancer to a considerable extent as the chances of malignant growth are about three times more in people not undergone circumcision surgery.

Penile cancer early signs

Penis cancer awareness cannot be complete without understanding the early signs or symptoms of penis cancer. Bleeding or frequent infections in the penile areas that do not cure by regular medicines, irritation or redness of skin in the penile areas, formation of lump in the penis and swelling of the penis are some of the important symptoms of presence of cancer cells in the penile areas. Penile cancers can be painless. Thus, thickening or swelling of the skin in the penile region, change of skin color and unusual discharge from below the foreskin should be considered serious and diagnosed well.

How to diagnose and treat penile cancer?

Diagnosis form an important part of penis cancer awareness. Various methods like biopsy, X-rays, Inguinal lymph node dissection, sentinel lymph node biopsy, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan, Positron Emission Tomography (PET) test and Computed Tomography (CT) scan are some of the popular methods to detect tumors in the penile and understand their nature.

penile cancer operation is the most basic but important kind of cancer treatment. It can be of various types such as circumcision, wide local excision or laser surgery and is not as harmful as other forms of treatments like radiation and chemical therapy (therapy of penile cancer). Treating tumors or polyps by chemicals or radiations cause severe side-effects to the victim and pose threat to his normal functioning.

Penile cancer awareness is vital to reduce the numbers of fatalities due to the disease and increase the overall survival rate. Awareness also helps to treat the disease in the most suitable manner and avoids their recurrence. Strong immune system and active routine along with balanced and nutrient-rich diet can minimize the extent of penile cancer to a great extent. Penis cancer awareness also focuses on genetic factors as an important cause of the disease and helps the victim to tackle the tumors right in the early phases.

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