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Penile cancer prevention is significant because of the low survival rate the disease has. Penile cancer develops in the penis and may also infect other areas if the cancer cells get conditions favorable for rapid and uncontrollable growth. Penis is an important organ for sexual activities and reproduction process and also performs the function of passage of urine out of the body. Therefore, cancerous infection in the penis can cause severe complications in regular activities of the person and also lead to other health disorders.

Penile Cancer Prevention

Penile cancer is a deadly disease if detected in the last stages. Survival rate for fourth stage is as low as 11% and the life expectancy of the victim may dip further if he has a weak immune system. Treatment and medication can be effective to curb cancerous growth in the initial stages but the chances of safe and fast recovery decrease as the disease progresses into advanced stages.

People who are diagnosed with the disease in the initial stage have a higher survival rate of more than 85% but it dips considerably to below 60% as soon as the tumors increase their intensity and reach intermediate stages. Thus, curing tumors in the intermediate or last stages are not quite advantageous from the victim's point of view as the penile cancer life expectancy is quite low and the person may have to undergo harsh treatments to tackle the tumors at the earliest. Severe treatments for penile cancer put a bad impact on penile areas and the person's overall health. In some cases, killing vital tissues and cells becomes necessary to tackle cancerous growth at the earliest and prevent its redevelopment. Thus, prevention is the safest option to defend penile areas from irreparable damage.

Penis is located near some of the important organs like testicles, scrotum, prostate and abdomen. The tumors may also reach lungs, kidneys or liver if they are allowed to metastasize for a long time. Also, the tumors are of various forms and may originate in different locations. In the secondary type of penile cancer, the tumors may originate and grow in almost any areas of the body and reach the penis through lymph nodes by the process of metastasis. Removing them by basic cure patterns like surgery of cancer and light form of chemical or radiation therapy is quite difficult as the tumors have already developed in various areas of the body simultaneously.

Primary form of penile cancer is more treatable as compared to the secondary one as the tumors develop in the penis and may restrict themselves to penile areas in the initial stages.

Proper diagnosis and apt treatment pattern is extremely necessary to sort out all such complications and avoid further cell abnormality. Recurrence is more dangerous than their first occurrence as the person's immune system may weaken after being treated for the disease previously. Thus, prevention pattern is vital to avoid not only the first time occurrence but also recurrence of cancerous development in the penis.

Penile Cancer Prevention Tips

Strong immune system is a must to prevent growth of abnormal cells in the penile areas. Infections like Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and other major disease like AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) are quite influential in creating conditions suitable for the malignant tumors to grow and spread freely and rapidly. They damage the internal resistance of the body to a great extent and make the person vulnerable to cancer attack. Safe sexual practices and avoiding multiple sex partners is extremely vital to avoid such infections.

Personal habits like smoking, drinking, chewing tobacco and consumption of other carcinogenic substances is not safe for penile health. It may not put a direct impact on the penile areas but lead to certain disorders that may force the cells to behave abnormally and turn cancerous. Faulty lifestyle may prove damaging for the penile health. Balanced diet along with regular exercise and active lifestyle is important for proper functioning of cells and tissues.

Irritations, ulcers, formation of lumps, unusual discharge from the glans or the foreskin, bleeding from the penis, change of color of the foreskin or penis skin, hardening of foreskin and swelling in the penile areas should be diagnosed well to find the root cause. Lumps should be treated immediately as they may be the origin of cancerous development.

Penile cancer prevention becomes reliable and easy if a person undergoes regular medical checkup. Advanced diagnosis methods and efficient medication options are available to look out for cell abnormalities in the penile areas and curb them right in the initial stages. People residing in South America and Africa need to be more careful about their health issues as the disease is highly prevalent in such areas as compared to Europe and North America.

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