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Penile cancer recurrence is a major concern and may prove fatal it proper diagnosis and treatment is not undergone. Recurrence of penile cancer can pose more severe threats as compared to its first-time occurrence as the tumor cells are already present in the body, though in very small quantities. Recurrent cancer metastasizes faster and targets vital organs in considerably less amount of time.

Penile Cancer Recurrence and its Consequences

Penis cancer recurrence literally means reappearance of cancerous cells in the penis even after being treated in the past. Various factors are responsible for redevelopment of tumor cells and each case may require a different approach of treatment. Recurrence of tumors can be due to re-establishment of cell abnormality in the penis itself or due to metastatic behavior of malignant cells formed in other areas of the body.

Penis cancer has a high survival rate of more than 85% in the initial phases of cancer development but falls to less than 60% in the middle stages. The rate further decreases to less than 11% in the final stage and creates major complications in curbing infectious cells. The disease is not a common type of cancer as just 1 out of every 100,000 males is prone to penis cancer in the regions of Europe and North America. The rate is also low in other parts of the world like Asia, Africa and South America with just 10 out of every 100,000 men being infected by penis cancer. Hence, not many people fall prey to penis cancer recurrence.

Poor survival rate in the intermediate and final stages of the disease is one of the prime consequences of recurrent tumors. Recurrence of penile cancer makes it difficult to trace the origin of tumors and understand their intensity. Recurrence of malignant growth may cause severe health complications in various areas of the body simultaneously and make the process of tumor-treatment difficult and time-consuming. Recurrent tumors are hard to eliminate by surgery and need to be treated by chemicals or radiations to curb chances of their abnormal division and growth.

Another major consequence of recurrence of penile cancer is the side-effects of treatment one has to tolerate. Taking cancer treatment even once is quite painful and needs long time for proper recovery. Patient also suffers from various health complications in due time which prevents him from carrying out even the normal activities. Thus, going through the same process for the second time demoralizes the patient from being optimistic towards life and this indirectly affects the efficiency of the treatment.

Factors Responsible for Penile Cancer Recurrence

Penile cancer occurs in the sex organ of males, the penis. Hence, any infection or disease related to penis can be a direct or indirect promoter of cancerous development in the region. Severe infection like Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the biggest causes of penis cancer. The disease is caused due to unsafe sex and unhygienic penile health. Ulcers or infections in the penis, especially the glans and the foreskin, can be a big threat if not treated well. People suffering from AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) are also prone to penile cancer recurrence and need to undergo regular medical examination even after being treated for the disease once.

Age is another major factor of the disease as the malignant tumors target mainly the males above 60 years. Circumcision surgery can be a big boon for those who undergo it at the time of birth. The chances of such people being prone to penis cancer are almost negligible and the tumors can be treated easily even if they tend to show symptoms of penis cancer. Thus, recurrent tumors are less likely to develop in such people. Circumcision surgery in the middle age may not be that beneficial and the person is prone to penile cancer as much as someone who has not undergone it at all.

Penile cancer recurrence need urgent attention and best of the treatment patterns should be adopted to eliminate malignant polyps. Usually, the people suffering from recurrent phase have a low immune system. Thus, focus should be on strengthening the immune system and making a person capable enough to resist rapid growth of abnormal cells in the body.

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