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Penile cancer support is an important element of efficient treatment of the disease. Support for penile cancer plays a leading role in enabling the victim to recover from the trauma of cancer treatment and raises new hopes to live a normal and active life. Support also gives the patient a feeling of belongingness and encourages him to mix up with the rest of the society.

Penile Cancer Support and its Significance

Penile cancer is a serious disorder originating in the penis and may also affect other organs like the abdomen, testicles, prostate or kidneys. Though the numbers of cases of penis cancer are quite negligible in comparison to other forms of cancer, the disease can be highly damaging or even fatal if ignored for too long. People suffering from last stage of the disease need maximum support as the chances of their survival are just 11%. Those suffering from first stage of the disease have a better survival rate of more than 85% but the rate is less than 60% in the middle stages. Support helps a patient to go for regular medical checkup and track changes in the cell-growth mechanism right in the early stages. Thus, support indirectly helps to improve the life expectancy of penile cancer.

Penile cancer support is a helping hand forwarded to such patients suffering from the critical stages of cancer. Support can be medical or non-medical and helps in boosting the mental condition of the victim. Apart from making the patients aware of the treatment options, support also deals with a number of other areas like making people aware of the nature and consequences of the disease well in advance and preparing them mentally for the medication to be undergone. Post-treatment care is also a kind of penis cancer support.

Support groups guide the family members of a penile cancer patient on the most suitable ways to take care of him and the kind of mental support to be provided with.

Support for penile cancer also focuses on making people aware of the various research findings and breakthroughs in the field of the disease. People suffering from the cancer of the penis are usually above 60 years of age and need strong mental support to cope up with the disease. Physical abilities and capacity to carry out normal activities on our own decreases as a person grows older. Hence, support groups and organizations need to be tactful in focusing on the mental concerns and health complications arising in the old age and carry out support activities accordingly.

Forms of Penile Cancer Support

Medical support for penile cancer is one of the important forms of support activities related to the disease. This support can be in the form of charitable organizations providing free or subsidized medication for those who cannot afford the costs of cancer treatment. Free counseling and workshops is a common type of support activity conducted by such organizations. Their main focus is on minimizing the numbers of cases related to the disease and give suitable treatment to those who are already suffering from this cancer.

Various research on penile cancer and educational institutions come out with their own journals and magazines focusing on the current state of penis cancer. This information is quite useful for the patients as well as general public in understanding the severity of the disease and various options available to get rid of the same. Hence, this forms a major part of support activity.

Many support organizations for penile cancer conduct regular seminars and discussion sessions to enable the victims of the disease to come out openly with their concerns and share their experiences. This helps the research organizations and oncologists to focus on the most vital aspect of the disease and come up with treatment and diagnosis patterns accordingly. Such organizations are also active in strengthening the bond between a victim and his family members so that he doesn't feel isolated.

Many support groups like Macmillan Cancer Support of the United Kingdom (UK), Cancer Research UK, American Cancer Society of the United States of America (USA) and National Cancer Institute of USA are some of the leading cancer support and research groups worldwide and focus on various forms of cancer including penis cancer.

Penis cancer support is vital to address concerns of the victim in a patient and structured manner. Support plays an important role in providing financial and mental support to victims and helps them to fight the disease with a positive outlook. Support groups also help a victim to finalize on a particular form of diagnosis and treatment method so that his sufferings are minimized and chances of better life expectancy increased.

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