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Penile cancer symptoms are quite remarkable for timely diagnosis and proper cure of the disease. They warn the victim about doubtful activities of cells right in the early period and help in early detection and elimination tumors that may be formed by the malignant or abnormal cells. Penile cancer early signs indirectly benefit the patient to gain maximum life expectancy.

Penile Cancer Symptoms Meaning and Significance

Penis is one of the most important organs of male reproductive system. It also plays a vital role in sexual activities and is an important organ for removal of body waste in the form of urine. Passage of sperms and semen also take place through penis. Hence, efficient functioning of penis is very important for overall functioning of the body.

Penile cancer is a sort of malignant development in the penis and may be fatal if not treated in time. Penile cancer early signs help to trace the possibilities of cancerous growth in the area and confirm whether it has a tendency to metastasize. They also assist the cancer expert or physician to determine the stage or phase of the disorder a person is suffering from. Hence, penile cancer detection and proper interpretation of symptoms play a vital role in altering the chances of elimination of tumors and restrict their recurrence in the penile or the nearby regions.

Thus, penile cancer early signs are a kind of display of the changes taking place in the penile or other vital organs of the body as the abnormal cells begin to grow and spread abnormally. Symptoms of penile cancer may vary with times and depend on the kind of medication a person has been undergoing in the past for other health complications that are not necessarily cancerous. Symptoms for penis cancer may also vary with age and are subtle to detect in old people.

Penis cancer is common primarily in old people aged sixty and above. The disease is also influenced by geographical location as the numbers of cases related to the disease are widespread in South America and Africa while less common in Europe and North America. Around 85% of the people survive if diagnosed for the disease in the first stage while the percentage goes down to just 59% in the intermediate stages. People who are not able to interpret the early signs in the initial or intermediate stages of the disease may have to go through the fourth stage where the survival rate is not more than 11%. Hence, proper understanding of penis cancer early signs is very necessary to tackle the disease safely and in minimum possible time.

Important Penile Cancer Symptoms

Formation of lump in the penis is the most common and easy-to-identify early sign of penis cancer. Some may also experience redness or soreness in the penis or irritation near the glans or under the foreskin. Unusual bleeding or discharge from the penile areas is also a symptom of cell abnormality in the penis and should be diagnosed thoroughly before opting for a treatment.

Color of the penis or foreskin may also change if the cells are spread to wide areas and some may also experience penile ulcers or infections that do not cure by normal medication. Hardening of foreskin, skin cracks leading to injuries that are difficult to treat and pains near the lower end of the penis should be diagnosed and treated well.

Factors Influencing Penile Cancer Symptoms

Presence of HPV (Human Papillomavirus) in the body, AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), smoking, bad health or weak immune system, eating tobacco and consumption of alcohol are some of the major risk factors influencing cancerous growth in the penile areas. They may also complicate the process of diagnosis by showing a subtle pattern of penile cancer early signs.

Penile cancer symptoms need to be examined well before recommending a particular form of treatment for the person. Popular diagnostic patterns like biopsy, fine needle aspiration biopsy, X-rays, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan and Computed Tomography (CT) scan are quite reliable and efficient in analyzing the symptoms correctly and confirming the presence of malignant tumors in the penis.

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