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Penile cancer therapy is an approach to treat tumors well in time and avoid their recurrence. Therapies can be of various types as medical and non-medical and depend particularly on the status of immunity system of the victim and stage of disease he is suffering from. Therapies can also be diagnostic and play an important role in preventing late detection of tumors.

Why Penile Cancer Therapy?

Penile cancer is a destructive development of malignant cells in the penis and may also damage important adjacent areas including prostate and testicles. The tumors formed by these cancerous cells have a capacity to spread through metastasis and can pose serious threats if allowed to travel beyond penile areas. Therapy for penile cancer plays an important role in such cases and helps the victim to tackle cancerous growth more effectively.

Penile cancer can be primary or secondary and depends on the origin of polyps. Primary type of penis cancer is the one in which the cell abnormality starts in the penis itself and attacks other nearby areas at a later stage. Secondary form of cancer is a kind of malignant growth in other areas like lungs, prostate, testicle, etc and the tumors may invade penis with passage of time. Both these types of cancers can be equally destructive if tumor formation is tolerated for a long time. It is easy to detect primary cancer of the penis as compared to the secondary one as the tumors generate in a specific area. Tumors formed in the secondary type of poly-growth may be present in various areas of the body simultaneously and cause severe damage to healthy tissues in various regions in a considerably low amount of time.

Penile cancer is fatal if tumors are not controlled in time. The disease affects mainly the penis and is thus, prevalent only in males. Usually, people above 60 years of age are quite susceptible to this disorder and rising age is an important factor in formation of malignant growth. Regional occurrence is the most important aspect of the disease. This cancer is more common in Asia, South America and Africa with almost 10 out of every 100,000 men infected by cancer of the penis. The same is as low as 1 out of every 100,000 males in developed regions like Europe and North America. The disease is not very common form of cancer but may prove to be highly damaging and metastatic if not diagnosed and treated well.

Forms of Penile Cancer Therapy

Medical therapy for penile cancer is the most usual kind of treatment pattern for penis cancer. The therapy can be of three major types as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. All the three methods are equally effective depending on the stage of the disease and spread of tumors. Surgery is the most preferred therapy for cancerous development in the initial stages and boosts life expectancy of the victim to a great extent. Circumcision is an important part of surgery and may eliminate chances of being infected by penis cancer if undergone right at birth. Other forms of surgery include glansectomy (removing penis head), penectomy (removing penis), cryotherapy and laser surgery, lymph node removal and wide local excision. Surgical methods are safe with very low number of side-effects.

Chemotherapy is another important form of penis cancer treatment and kills the infected cells by exposing them to strong chemicals. This treatment can be damaging to healthy cells and tissues present around the treated areas and have a high number of side-effects. Radiotherapy is useful in advanced stages of penile cancer where controlling abnormal cell-growth becomes difficult and the only way to curb infection is by burning the infected areas. Thorough medical supervision is important while undergoing radiotherapy as any flaws in the treatment may lead to recurrence of penile cancer.

Non-medical therapy for penile cancer focuses mainly on the immune system of the body and the pattern of lifestyle a person follows. Strong immune is extremely important for healthy and active lifestyle which further leads to minimizing the chances of cancerous growth in the penis. Balanced diet rich in nutrients, intake of fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantities, consumption of diet rich in vitamins and proteins and regular medical checkup are some of the non-medical forms of therapies to avoid or control penis cancer.

Homeopathic and Ayurvedic treatments also play a valuable role in controlling infection and assisting a victim to recover fast and safe in the post-treatment period.

Penile cancer therapy provides a lot of options to control malignant growth. Suitable therapy needs to be selected after thorough diagnosis and taking the physical and mental capacity of the patient into consideration. Will-power and optimistic attitude towards life plays an important role in better recovery of the patient.

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