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The categories for various types of cancer are further segregated into more detailed information specific to a particular topic such as symptoms, causes, breakthrough, survival rate, treatment techniques, and so on.

You may surf the site to look for the cancer that you are seeking information for. We have tried to inculcate almost all common types of cancers considering the searches from various visitors over the world.

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The company's aim is to become the most trusted medical site and for this all necessary steps have been taken such as the authentication of the data with thorough research from the professional writers as well as the experienced experts who cross verify the information before it appears on the internet.

Also, another vital factor that the company pays critical importance to is the customer privacy and confidentially. The website has a mechanism to seek mandatory information such as user's personal internet protocol (IP) address to view the location from, where you are accessing the data as well as the track of number of time you visited the website as a unique visitor and for how long you stayed on the site or a page.

However, we would like to clear that this information is used for only the above mentioned purposes and nothing else. Also, we do not have any personal login pages for our site and hence do not intend to seek any personal and confidential information from the visitors. However, in case you submit any personal information during approaching for advertising or promotion permission of your product or service, the privacy policy abides every employee of the company to keep the information safe and confidential.

No official data as well as customer's personal information goes outside the company or is misused by any of the company's employee for personal benefit. The company is glad and grateful to the trust customers and patrons have awarded to us and we look forward to continue to grow with the same trustworthiness.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to caution the visitors not to provide any confidential and sensitive information while surfing other linked pages of other websites. Else, the company is not responsible for any misuse of the data by such websites.

We will keep updating our website and the privacy policies as well. You as a visitor and our esteemed customer are requested to visit the website's privacy policy details as and when you visit the site after a significant time gap.

It is assured that while making any policy changes for privacy protection, customers' view will be taken care to make sure any confidentiality breach does not take place and your information remains safe with us.