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Prostate cancer is a devastating cancer occurring in men, and accounts for the second most hazardous cancer in men that caused approximately 30,000 deaths out of 200,000 cases last year. One of the basic reasons for prostate cancer awareness programs is to educate people about the disease, and to help people understand about the symptoms of prostate cancer, treatments and the prognosis of the disease.

September is observed as the prostate cancer awareness month as a public awareness exercise. The cancer societies, all over the world carry various activities to fight back the cancer and inform men about the ways to prevent the disease before they become a victim to it.

Every September, the State's Cancer Society make an effort to reach the men suffering from prostate cancer and their families, various health professionals, volunteers and celebrities to help in spreading awareness and combat the cancer at every front.

Are You at a Risk of Prostate Cancer?

Cancer of the prostate is one of the most common cancers in men all over the world and accredited as the most deadly cancers in men. Every man is at a certain risk of developing prostate cancer.

Through awareness programs, Cancer Society aims to make people aware and be sure about the risk factors of the disease and motivate the elderly people above 40, to have a conversation with their physician to detect their chances of developing the disease.

Regular PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) testing is also recommended for every man above 50 years to diagnose the disease at the earliest. Awareness programs are helpful to alert audiences about the resources available to sort their need about treatment (prostate cancer treatment), support, or care (care for prostate cancer).

Major Awareness Events

The awareness month for prostate cancer may differ in America and other countries across the world, but they all have a series of various events for spreading awareness of the cancer. Some of these events may be confined to only America or some of its states, while a few may be carried out throughout the globe. All these events have a common motto of saving lives of the men suffering from the cancer and also in sense to help their families live a normal life. Some of the common events carried on as a part of the awareness program are:

  • Awareness Month

    The first and foremost important thing of all is to declare September as prostate awareness month. In America, The President H.W. Bush and the Senate formally proclaimed and recognized the month of September to be observed as national prostate cancer awareness month.

  • Awareness Week

    Starting from September 19th and running through September 25th, prostate cancer awareness week is celebrated as an initiative of Prostate Cancer Education Council that initiates variety of events during this week such as fund raising for prostate cancer research, financial support to the families of the patients and for funding the screening programs.

  • Fundraiser Runs

    Mainly in Chicago and Virginia, fund raiser runs are conducted wherein the volunteer runners are asked to wear light blue ribbon that represents support or awareness for prostate cancer. In some of the states, blue shoe run is carried out as an event for fundraising for the prostate cancer support.

  • Free Screenings

    In conjunction with some of the hospitals and the university Medical Centers, the Cancer Society conducts free screenings and free dinner for the community. Especially in Alaska, Arkansas and Colorado, people and volunteers try to bring awareness among men through this initiative.

    The free screenings are offered at various medical centers and at stipulated time, throughout the awareness month. Communities are invited to participate according to their convenient time and geographical location.

  • Sneakers at Work Day

    The initiative of celebrating sneakers at work day was from the America's Prostate Cancer Society, in the year 2007. Since then, this day is celebrated every year during the prostate cancer week. Different events are conducted to raise money for the prostate cancer support, research and education. This activity includes volunteers from big corporate houses.

  • Movember Fundraising

    Movember fundraising activity is an initiative of Movember Foundation, Australia. During the movember (month of November), people all over the globe are requested to grow their mustaches as a support to the people suffering from prostate cancer. This movement has helped raise funds of around millions of dollars and helped men be aware about this second most killer-disease.

  • Father's Day

    Every year on father's day, people are encouraged to talk to their fathers, spouses or also to their significant others about prostate cancer, and also motivate them for regular screening.

  • Pints for Prostates

    This event initiated in the year 2008, that aims at educating people and motivating them to get their regular PSA screenings done and know their PSA results. The event is an initiative of a beer industry that requires the brewers to print a message related to PSA screening.

    Prostate cancer is the second largest cause of cancer-related deaths in men in America. However, the disease remains devastating over the globe to a variable degree. Prostate cancer awareness month is celebrated in the month of September in the United States of America.

    This is the time that involves range of events carried out by the nation's Cancer Society, Volunteering foundations and medical centers to promote the screening of the disease, educate people about the risk factors of prostate cancer, and provide them with recourses to avail screenings and treatments.

    Fundraising runs is one of the major event of all those awareness and support extending events. The money raised is contributed towards the research activities that are engaged to seek better screening and treatment options for the disease.

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