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Prostate cancer is seen as a form of tumor in men. It develops in the prostate gland, which is an important part of the male reproductive system. Surgeons have been studying or researching prostate cancer causes for more than 2 decades. According to their survey, this disease grows and spreads slowly in the prostate gland. It has an aggressive nature, its cells spread from the prostate gland to other organs of the body. Lymphatic system and bones are the chief vulnerable parts in the human body, where prostate tumors spread easily. Growth of the cancer in the prostate gland causes many kinds of dysfunctions in the male reproductive and urinary system. This disease creates problems in the process of urination. It also creates reproductive disorders in males. The cancer found in the prostate gland of men creates some other problems at an advanced stage. Additional disorders created by this cancer are heart & circulatory disorders. This disease is found at varying rates in different parts of the world like USA, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world. Cancer of prostate gland is seen to originate and grow in men after age of 40 years. Following are the chief prostate cancer causes:

  1. Racial causes: According to global medical surveys, racial factor is among chief prostate cancer causes. Different races around the world show varying rates of this cancer. Some races are more vulnerable to this kind of cancer. Take for example, African-Americans and Africans show greater degree of having prostate cancer. Interbreeding among people of different races through marriage often creates genetic imbalances in them. Even their offspring show this imbalance and become a victim of cancer. Most cases of prostate cancer are seen in the USA. People of different races reside here and they engage in conjugal relationships. Their offspring are born with genetic disorders that easily make them vulnerable to prostate cancer. Rate of this disease among Asians and South East Asians is the least as compared to Americans and Europeans.

  2. Aging causes: The process of aging weakens the human immune system and facilitates entry of antigens. Men of older age are prone to risks of prostate cancer. Every 1 man in 10,000 males of forty years age suffers from prostate cancer. The rate of cancer risk in men in the age group of 40-59 is 2.6%. The degree of this disease extends to 14.29% in men up to 79 years of age. Men older in years are recommended regular medical checkups, to know about a possible detection of prostate cancer in advance.

  3. Family history causes: Men with a previous case of prostate cancer in their family are more prone to catch this disease. First degree relations of men like fathers, sons and brothers keep them at a greater risk. Family factor can be prevented from causing prostate cancer in men, by making regular diagnosis for prostate cancer of all family members. A family with a case of prostate cancer is recommended to take precautionary measures like antioxidants and lycopene.

  4. Dietary causes: Diet has a special effect on the development of a disease. Vegetables and fruits do not play any significant role in the development of prostate cancer. Even red meat and chicken do not leave any effect on the body. However, some deficiency of special nutrients and certain vitamins make the body prone to prostate cancer. Surgeons claim that deficiency of Vitamin D enhances the chances of prostate cancer. Many people take multivitamin pills to derive more nutrition from them.

  5. Medicinal causes: Some medicines are not conducive to the health of all persons. They produce irritation and infection in the area of prostate gland.

Clinical trials to prevent prostate cancer:

After studying prostate cancer causes doctors make patients to undergo special clinical trials. These trials help patients to get rid of the disease through medications, surgical therapy and other modern treatment options. Special surgical trials are also conducted to create new and promising options for treatment of cancer found in prostate glands. The most effective method to get cured of prostate cancer, found in the prostate gland is taking effective diagnosis. After completion of diagnosis doctors need to recognize the chief prostate cancer causes. They need to prevent all those causes which are responsible of giving rise to the disease.

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