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Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancers in men and is deadliest too. Although, exact causal factor is not understood for the disease, but all the factors that increase the chances of a person to get this cancer is its risk factors and avoiding these risk factors can be a way of prostate cancer prevention.

However, it also needs to be understood that not every risk factor may develop the cancer or not every person with certain risk factor is likely to get the disease for sure and so avoiding the risk factor does not assure the disease prevention either. Hence, a brief talk or discussion with your doctor can be helpful for you to know how you prevent yourself from this life-threatening cancer. Though the statistics for the prostate cancer incidences is very high, but the mortality rate following this disease is relatively less to other common cancers. Best way to avoid the disease is to avoid the modifiable risk factors associated with prostate cancer.

Prevention of Prostate Cancer

If you are concerned about your healthy life and worried about getting prostate cancer, then you may like to look out for the ways to prevent it. There are a few simple things as discussed below to help prevent this disease:

  • Maintain Healthy Weight

    Obesity needs to be closely monitored as it may trigger various health related issues such as heart diseases, diabetes mellitus and various types of cancers including the prostate cancer.

    According to a survey, men with BMI (body mass index) above 30 were reported to be at risk of contracting the cancer. Hence, one of the most avoidable risk factor can be obesity and regular work out and exercises to maintain good healthy weight are important.

    However, before you start with any exercise or any such schedule for exercise, you need to have a talk with your doctor, who can suggest you the best suitable exercises for you and also the perfect schedule to follow.

    To start a work-out schedule, gradual start is suggested. Physical activities such as brisk walking or climbing stairs rather than taking an elevator are a good start to exercise. Around 30 minutes of work-out on a daily basis is helpful to avoid obesity and help maintain a healthy weight.

  • Healthy Diet

    According to evidential studies for prostate cancer, choosing a healthy diet that is rich in essential nutrients, low in fats and contains fruits and fresh green vegetables may work wonders in preventing prostate cancer and at the same time allows a person lead a healthy life.

    The diet should be low in fats, hence, avoid meat, oils, milk and cheese products. Where avoiding fats is not possible, prefer plant fats over animal fats by selecting vegetable oil over butter.

    Adding soy to the diet and drinking green tea may be helpful to reduce one's risk to develop prostate cancer. Studies have also shown that lycopene antioxidant that is in abundance in red tomatoes and pink grape fruits are also useful to provide protection against prostate cancer.

  • Masturbation/ Ejaculation

    According to the clinical trials carried out it is surprisingly noticed that people, who regularly either masturbate or have ejaculation during sex have around 15% lesser risk of developing prostate cancer.

    Ejaculation is the vital factor and this allows prostate gland to clear it off of the carcinogens present in it, which may lead to cancerous growth. Also, the studies suggest approximately 12 ejaculations in a month is helpful to provide prevention against this disease.

Prostate gland is the male reproductive organ that produces semen. Cancer of the prostate is one of the most common non-skin cancers found in men. This cancer affects the sexual life of the person and eventually harms the life of the patient.

Prostate cancer prevention is a way to avoid the possibilities of developing the disease in the life time. However, as there is no certain cause understood for this disease, there is no exact preventive measure too.

Anything that brings a person closer to get the disease should be avoided to protect him from this deadly cancer. Some lifestyle changes are suggested to be helpful in doing so. However, when we talk about lifestyle changes, it cannot be an overnight change that lasts for a short period, but has to be inculcated in regular lifestyle.

Exercising, quitting smoking and consuming healthy diet are most important preventive measures for prostate cancer protection. To make people aware about prostate cancer is the best way in which we can prevent cancer.

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