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Health departments and research centers around the globe are committed to seek a better diagnostic examination and treatment techniques for prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is a dreading disease and is most common types of cancers in men over the world. Scientists are involved in prostate cancer research and breakthrough to promptly detect the disease and also treat it effectively.

There are various technologies to detect the malignant cells and differentiate them from the healthy cells in the prostate gland. Studies are also continued to study the vaccines and their results in arresting the growth of malignancy in prostate and surrounding region.

Research is going on to relate the quantity of the cancerous cells in the blood and the stage of the disease. Studies indicate that malignant cells detected in the blood indicate metastasized cancer. However, no exact results are established yet. A lot of the research work is in its initial stages of studies and needs a long time to prove its efficacy and join the standard treatments and be available in the market.

Breakthrough and Research in Prostate Cancer

Research work brings patients suffering from prostate cancer towards new hopes of improved life expectancy and survival rates. However, usually, the disease affects the elderly men and hence, patients usually do not die due to the cancer but other natural reasons such as old age or overall diminishing health and immune.

Research work is committed to bring in new standard treatments with better promising results relative to the current curative techniques available in the market. Breakthrough is vital for the disease in the field of therapies, treatments, prevention and first and the foremost diagnosis techniques of the disease. Following are some of the significant breakthroughs highlighted in the cancer of the prostate cancer:

  • Breakthrough Vaccine to Halt Progression of Cancer

    Almost 1 in eight elderly people in America are suffering from prostate cancer as per the statistical report. However, research is continued to bring in a breakthrough vaccine

    (PrsotVac) available, to make mortality almost negligible.

    This vaccine is directed to strengthen the immune response of the body to deal with destruction of the cancerous cells and also inhibit the continued growth of abnormal malignant cells. Monesin is another antibiotic that is being studied to inhibit the growth of cancer in prostate gland.

    Tumors are capable of triggering antigens in the immune system of the body that makes body's immune comfortable with the cancerous cells and the vaccine is a counter attack to such tumors and will help the immune system to fight back tumor.

  • Diagnostic Tests

    Diagnosis of any cancer is a challenge as this plays a vital role in determining the prognosis of the disease, depending on the stage of cancer while diagnosis. Prostate cancer is rarely diagnosed on the basis of any symptoms or early signs of prostate cancer. Hence, screening tests and examinations are important to confirm the malignant growth in the prostate gland.

    The most effective and standard diagnostic test in use as per current time, is the PSA (Prostate specific antigen) blood test. This test is however, not perfect as the PSA levels may be elevated due to prostate inflammation or other such reasons. Hence, researchers have come up with a breakthrough examination EPCA-2 (early prostate cancer antigen-2) blood test. Researchers are confident about the efficacy of the test to determine specifically presence of cancer cells in the prostate.

  • Combination Treatment

    This is the new advancement in the research and is one of its kinds that combine conventional chemotherapy with radioactive substances. This combination therapy helps in targeting specific areas in the bones affected by the prostate cancer. This therapy is useful for the patients suffering from the advanced and aggressive types of prostate cancers.

  • Castrate Resistance Prostate Cancer (CRPC) Therapy

    This therapy has also completed initial stages of trials and provided promising results. This therapy directs at depriving the body of specific androgen that facilitates the cancerous cells in the body. However, the studies and the advantages are under debate as it has significant adverse effects including loss of sex drive, fatigue and persistent weakness.

  • High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Therapy

    This is another breakthrough treatment technique which may be considered as a standard method of treatment soon. This technique depends on ablation or heating up the cancerous cells through high-frequency ultrasound waves. However, the trials are yet continued and the FDA has not yet approved the complete safety of the treatment technique.

Scientists all over the world are busy inventing new techniques to combat the dreaded disease affecting men secondary to the skin cancer. This cancer or male reproductive system is life-threatening and usually remains undetected till it advances to late stages. Prostate cancer research and breakthrough studies are directed to bring in betterment of the results concerning the diagnostic techniques, the treatment techniques and much more to offer a better life expectancy with the disease.

Various cancer-inhibitor vaccines are developed and also invasive and non-invasive surgical cures are invented to fight off the disease better than before. Hope that the current breakthroughs clear all the stages of trials successfully and come up as new standard treatments in the medical world.

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