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Prostate is a male reproductive organ and prostate cancer is the malignant growth of cells in the tissues of prostate. The malignant growth originating in the prostate gland may be of gradual or acute type. However, if it is progressing gradually, then people may get various prostate cancer early signs and symptoms to diagnose the cancer of the prostate.

Although, there are variety of symptoms related to this cancer type, most of them are again divided into early signs and some of them may show up with the advancement in the stage. The cancer is relatively common in the European countries and the United States of America than Southern and eastern Asian countries.

The detection of the cancer may be a challenge at times, due to the absence of symptoms in patients. Research on prostate cancer is ongoing since last 2 decades to establish the exact cause of the cancer and also to confirm its risk factors. Some of the common risk factors for cancer of the prostate are age, genetics, medicines and diet.

Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Some of the symptoms of the disease may be examined and observed by an individual or also may be understood by the doctor while conducting a physical examination. Following are a few common symptoms associated with the disease.

  • Difficulty in Urination

    This is probably one of the earliest symptoms of the disease. However, this may be related to any other urinary tract disorder. Although, urination is a function handled by kidney and bladder, but prostate gland is close to gallbladder and tumor growth in this gland may press on the bladder and cause difficulties in urination.

    Incontinence or difficulty in controlling the urination urge is difficult with this cancer. The frequency or intensity to urinate is high during the night time. Patients may also complain about less urine flow despite of a strong urge to urinate.

  • Blood in Urine

    Blood in urine or blood stains in the semen or urinating with blood stains is a second common symptom of prostate cancer and may be alarming to get the diagnosis done. Similar to urine incontinence, this symptom may also be a result of infection in the urethra or anywhere in the urinary system.

  • Discomfort in Pelvic Region

    Discomfort in the pelvic region may be a little late symptom of cancer in the prostate gland. When the cancer cells metastasize and affect the nearby lymph nodes and press over the pelvis nerves, then there can be a consistent pain sensation in the pelvis region. Such symptom may immediately be consulted with doctor for further diagnosis (prostate cancer diagnosis) so that it is diagnosed based on specific tests for determining prostate cancer.

  • Pain in Bones

    Pain and stiffness in the bones especially in the lower back and hips is common in this disease. The lower extremities bones and muscles are affected due to the pain. The most probable cause for this pain may be the spread of cancer through the lymph system and affecting the lymph glands and causing swelling of the lymph glands.

  • Swelling in the Legs

    This is again a symptom that shows up with advanced stages or metastasized cancer growth. It involves lymphatic system and spawns to the lymph nodes. The unhealthy lymph nodes in the surrounding region accumulate in the lower extremities especially in the legs causing them to swell.

    Also, a persistent body ache is an outcome of the advancement of the cancerous growth in the prostate gland or the surrounding organs.

  • Impotence

    As prostate gland is a reproductive gland of men, cancerous growth in it causes erectile dysfunction and also may result in painful ejaculation. Sexual dysfunctions are common symptoms of this cancer.

    This symptom may however, be misunderstood for a long time, thereby delaying the diagnosis of the disease. Hence, a person, who experiences erectile dysfunctions, should discuss it with the doctor to get appropriate psychological consultation or diagnosis of the disease.

Prostate cancer is the malignant growth of abnormal cells originating in the prostate gland, a reproductive organ in men. It is believed that prostate cancer is almost preventable, provided the early symptoms of the disease are paid prompt attention to it.

However, the disease, usually asymptomatic and progresses slowly. Unfortunately, most of the cases are diagnosed at the late stages. Hence, paying attention to the prostate cancer early signs and symptoms is vital for prompt and early detection.

As soon as any of the above symptoms are noticed, discuss it with your physician, so that physical examination and the symptoms may be analyzed together to diagnose the medical condition. Certain tests may be conducted to determine the development of cancer in the prostate gland.

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