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Rectal cancer causes are the main culprits in providing the malignant cells with and environment conducive for uncontrolled and rapid growth. They affect the person's immune system severely and make him more vulnerable to cancerous invasion in the rectum. Early diagnosis of rectal cancer is extremely important to trace the cancerous growth and find the exact cause of the infection.

Importance of understanding rectal cancer causes

Rectum is the lowest part of the colon and performs the major and tedious function of absorbing vitamins, fats, water, proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients from the food consumed by the person so that irrelevant substances or the body waste is ready to get eliminated.

Rectal cancer occurs close to the colon and the tumors may also metastasize to the colon areas. Together it is known as colorectal cancer and is the third most common cancer worldwide. It also leads to a sizeable number of cancer-deaths and the numbers of cases related to this cancer are constantly on rise.

The disease is more common in the industrialized and developed nations and occurs mainly in adults. The number of cases occurring in both men and women are almost equal and the cancerous development is more common in people above 50 years.

Rectum is a vital organ of the digestive system. It enables proper and sufficient supply of nutrients to the body and also helps in proper bowel movements. Digestion of food cannot be complete without proper functioning of the rectum. Hence, cancerous development in the rectal areas is highly dangerous for the body. This not only restricts proper food digestion but also restricts the bowels from emptying completely and properly.

Causes of rectal cancer can be very beneficial in preventing the rectal cancer development. They are also equally helpful in avoiding recurrence of cancer in the rectum. Understanding causes is extremely important to recognize early signs or symptoms in the early rectal cancer stages so that the chances of survival increase. Treatment for the disease is mainly related to the causes. Causes help to find the origin and the actual purpose of the cancerous growth and are also helpful in predicting the likely future-course of cancerous development.

Understanding causes for rectal cancer are also important to opt for the right diagnosis technique. Diagnosis is the process of examining the cell abnormality and judge whether the tumors are cancerous or benign. Proper diagnosis leads to proper interpretation of causes and symptoms and indirectly helps to minimize the sufferings of the victim.

Prime rectal cancer causes

Age is closely related to the occurrence or recurrence of rectal cancer. Chances of being vulnerable to the disease is higher in older age as the number of health complications in old people are severe and difficult to cure in comparison to the young people. Hence, this cause should be taken seriously while detecting the cancerous presence in the rectum and recommending treatment for the same.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) has been a major cause in most of the cases related to rectal cancer. The virus gets generated or transferred in the body due to unsafe sex practices and indulging in too many sex-partners. HPV vaccine can be very effective to kill this virus and also helps to prevent generation of polyps in the rectum.

Smoking is very dangerous to body cells and tissues and puts a direct and severe impact on the abdominal and rectal areas. It kills healthy tissues and makes the normal cells ineffective to fight infections. This helps the malignant cells to invade rectal tissues and cells in a considerably less amount of time and increases the pace of progression of disease from one stage to another.

Fat-rich diet and red meat is not good for the body and can be a cause of cancerous infection in the rectum.

Family history of rectal or other types of cancer can lead to occurrence of malignant polyps in the rectum.

Personal background of rectal, colon or colorectal cancer along with any other forms of cancers occurring in the adjacent areas may weaken the performance of tissues and cells present in the rectal areas and make them the soft targets of cancer cells.

Ulcers that remain untreated for too long may turn infectious and pave way for cancerous development. Same is the case with injuries or infections that may arise in the rectal areas. v Inflammatory bowel disease is closely associated with the cancerous infection in the rectal areas and may assist the malignant cells to develop and spread quickly if not treated in time.

Obesity and inactiveness are not the direct causes of rectal cancer but increase the risks of being vulnerable to the disease. Active and healthy lifestyle is very important to keep you disease-free.

Acromegaly is a rare hormone disorder that may cause cancer development in the rectal areas. The disorder is caused due to excess hormone production in the body.

Rectal cancer causes play an important role in timely detection and treatment of the disease. Digital Rectal Exam (DRE), colonoscopy and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan are the important detection techniques used to trace polyps in the rectal areas. Strong immune system is a must to avoid or curb cancerous growth right in the development stages and avoid further severe health problems that may arise during the process of tumor-development in the rectum. The disease is destructive not only for the rectal areas but also for the vital organs adjacent to it. Bowel, anus, colon and abdominal areas are the first to get affected by cancerous tumors in the rectum.

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