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Sarcoma Cancer Awareness is essential to bring people to know about the disease and not be negligent. Sarcoma Cancer is a type of cancer that affects the body parts such as fats, muscles, arms, hands, bones etc. It is a rare kind of cancer; hence many people remain unaware of symptoms of sarcoma cancer and fail to get the early indications. Sarcoma cancer almost goes unnoticed as it keeps growing in the soft tissues pushing away the other healthy tissues. The person comes to know about it only when he experiences pain or comes across unusual swelling in the affected area.

Sarcoma Cancer Awareness Ribbon This cancer can either be benign or malignant. While a benign one is generally in early stages for sarcoma cancer, a malignant cancer can be life threatening. However, owing to lack of awareness most of the people are ignorant about its possible repercussions. Although, research is ongoing as to determine the cause of this cancer, not much has it yielded so far. However, one can't afford to wait until the research produces few facts regarding the disease and instead the person should try to acquire knowledge and take adequate precautions.

A person cannot be expected to be negligent irrespective of the kind of tumor he has. An affected person might land himself in deep trouble due to his ignorance regarding the disease. Again the treatment for a sarcoma cancer differs from person to person according to the age, stage of cancer, size of the tumor, how deep it is or whether it has spread to other body parts etc. They may not know all the treatment options available. It is where the need to raise proper and adequate sarcoma cancer awareness and importance of early detection comes to the fore.

The month of July has been earmarked as the sarcoma awareness month and Yellow is the color used to raise awareness on this. According to a report about 11,000 Americans are diagnosed with Sarcoma cancer each year, about 5000 die of it each year and nearly 50,000 people have struggled with the ailment at some point in their lives or the other.

There are few organizations that have taken an initiative in creating awareness about the sarcoma cancer as well as providing support to the families of those affected. Few of such institutions are as given below:

  • The Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative: The Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative since its inception in 1930 has been coordinating the International Sarcoma Awareness Week (ISAW). It's been observed in the month of July every year and various programs such as scuba diving, cycling, auctions, picnics, plays, online events etc are held. These events are meant to create general awareness about the disease and also raise donations for the affected persons needing support. The previous ISAW witnessed around 21,523 Individuals, volunteers, advocacy groups and supporters turning up for the cause. People came wearing sarcoma t-shirts, ribbons, caps, shirts etc. These programs also received wide coverage in local television channels as well as newspapers which in turn helped the message reach across vast number of people

  • Amschwand Sarcoma Foundation: Amschwand Sarcoma Foundation was established in 2001 and is aimed at raising funds and providing people with proper knowledge about the disease.

  • Sarcoma Alliance: Sarcoma Alliance was formed in 1999. It works towards fund raising, creating awareness and making knowledge about the sarcoma cancer available to both the patients and healthcare providers

  • Northwest Sarcoma Foundation: Northwest Sarcoma Foundation is a not for profit organization. Since its inception in 1996 it has been working to provide proper education and support to the people affected as well as their families in the Northwest pacific region. It advocates for appropriate diagnosis of sarcoma cancer and treatment of the patients as well as accurate research on the sarcoma cancer

  • Sarcoma Foundation of America: Sarcoma Foundation of America came into being in 2001. It's committed to raise funds for the persons suffering from the disease through corporate events, sponsorship and individual donations etc

There are people and institutions that are concerned about the people suffering from sarcoma cancer. These institutions are united in their mission to create sarcoma cancer awareness and advocate for the need for research and advance treatment options. Other than the

Government initiatives, it's important and beneficial to have such organization working towards the welfare of such patients and awareness generation about the disease. Having knowledge about the disease or any disease for that matter always goes a long way in helping people recognize the abnormal changes in their bodies and get an idea as to what it might be. At least, people would not take the symptoms lightly and make the necessary visit to the concerned physician.

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