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Sarcoma cancer prevention largely depends on people themselves. Although, we might not know who this cancer is going to make its victim but as it is said that, prevention is better than cure, people can keep themselves in the safer side by taking care of few things. Sarcoma cancer is a rare type of cancer. They can arise almost anywhere in the body. But it is more likely to affect the areas like, fats, muscles, arms, legs, blood vessels etc. A healthy and informed lifestyle helps one lead a life less complicated. However, one might never know if he is running a risk of getting sarcoma cancer. Sometimes people showing risk factors still don't develop sarcoma cancer while someone with no such risk might fall victim to it. Even doctors have little to advice on how to prevent it from occurring. Some of the factors that one might consider avoiding are mentioned below:

  • Exposure to chemicals: As far as possible one should try and avoid getting himself excessively exposed to harmful chemicals as mentioned under:

    1. Dioxin - This chemical is used to control the growth of plants and trees and also generated through industrial process

    2. Herbicide - This chemical is used to kill off unnecessary plants. It specifically destroys the plant which is not needed while the other crop remains unharmed

    3. Vinyl Chloride: This chemical is largely used to produce plastics. Any one working in a plastic making industry might run the risk of getting exposed to this chemical which subsequently might make the person victim of sarcoma cancer

    4. Chlorophenols: This chemical is produced during paper making besides being used in antiseptics and pesticides

  • Smoking: As per an American study people addicted to smoking run a greater chance of catching sarcoma cancer than the ones who don't smoke. So, it's clearly up to an individual as to what he thinks is better for him

    The factors above are the ones that could be within control of an individual. The other factors that cause sarcoma cancer but by large are unavoidable are as below:

  • Heredity problem: Some genetic conditions put one into greater risk of acquiring sarcoma cancer. This is sad but unavoidable. Some of the diseases one might get due to genetic disorder are as follows:

    1. Retinoblastoma - This is an eye cancer and mostly found in children. Children with this disease are prone to getting sarcoma cancer

    2. Neurofibromatosis - This is a type of genetic disorder wherein the cancer cells grow below the nerve of the skin as well as other areas of the body. This heightens the risk of getting sarcoma cancer

    3. Li Fraumeni Syndrome: People with this heredity problem are always at risk of developing sarcoma cancer besides brain tumor, breast cancer or other cancers

  • Age: Sarcoma cancer is more likely to affect people in the age group of 30 and above. No amount of effort can stop a person from growing older. Precaution is the only possible prevention.

Sarcoma cancer prevention depends on a person's alertness to spot an abnormal change in any part of the body and report it to the doctor. The scientists have not yet been able to come up with any test that could detect sarcoma tumor in its first few stages. The treatment depend on the stage of the sarcoma. Yet one is likely to have a chance to survive the cancer if he/she takes care to identify the unusual change that is taking place and immediately consult a physician. The person should rather treat the changes on an urgent basis if he/she is also experiencing pain or has a lump in the affected part. Nobody exactly knows what causes and symptoms of sarcoma cancer. The factors discussed above play a role in getting sarcoma cancer or to avoid it. Hence, an early detection will always go a long way in sarcoma cancer prevention.

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